Sep 05 2018

SINtendo stops… everything.

SINtendo STOP by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo STOP by Kris P. Kreme

As SINtendo September continues, remember to STOP and enjoy the moments with this all new tale.

Aiden Everette used to love spending his lunch hour in the park, until he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with several guys on the basketball court last month.

Now he feels only dread, but the discovery of a strange little wristband device may put a stop to all that dread.

The label identifies it as a prototype SINtendo STOP, and apparently it lets the wearer stop time for one unfortunate woman, giving an hour to do anything to their frozen forms in order to rack up points.

When the bitchy daughter of his ex happens to walk by, it’s time to STOP and enjoy some much needed revenge.


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Aiden Everette has never had it easy, and the one thing he used to have to carry him through the day was his regular lunch break out of a stuffy office in the fresh air of a nearby park. That was where he met Lillith five years back, and by sharp contrast, that was where he witnessed Lillith cheating on him just last month.

It wasn’t just that Lillith had cheated, but it was how and with who, the woman his age having been seemingly eager to triple stuff herself with several inner city boys who frequented the park basketball courts. She hadn’t even been that apologetic and so naturally the relationship had ended.

Unfortunately for Aiden, the memories and frustration never did, and so now he finds himself remembering how time stood still and how it always seems to do so in the most horrifying moments, how they never really leave you. If anything could have made what happened worse, it was Kacee, Lillith’s eighteen year old daughter who was apparently a younger version of her mother, openly laughing and mocking Aiden right out the door of that relationship, calling him a loser.

In ways, Aiden supposed he always was a loser, but on a particularly nice day in the park everything may turn out to be a win for finally putting things right with the world, and truly stopping the pity party Aiden has been living.

Discovering a strange little bracelet band like piece of technology, similar to a fitness band, Aiden is reminded of those smart watches he has seen others wear. Curiously though when he reads the tiny print on the inside of the band, he is shocked to read the words SINtendo STOP, Prototype Gaming Bracelet.

Aiden remembers back in college hearing something of a company called SINtendo, an adult gaming company that reportedly rearranged reality to fit the perverted games they created.

Confused, but intrigued, Aiden figures out how this prototype gaming bracelet works, and it seems basic enough Supposedly once worn, the user simply has to press a button on the band and shout the word STOP whenever an available game pawn is nearby. The pawn to his game will then be frozen in that moment of time for one hour and he has that hour to rack up as many humiliation points as possible by doing anything and everything possible to his frozen game pawn.

Almost as though fate has set him in just the right place at just the right time, Aiden overhears a very familiar and horrifying voice talking loudly on her cell phone nearby, and while it isn’t Lillith, it’s equally as perfect a candidate to see just what this device does, if anything.

Kacee, it seems, is being picked up in the park near the basketball courts in an hour, and the arrogant teen with the attitude is about to have a real STOP put to that attitude when Aiden confronts her.

Giving her every chance not to be a total bitch, Kacee seals her fate and Aiden finally gets to put a stop to something bad in his life. Amazingly the prototype device actually works and Kacee is completely frozen, but like a doll she can easily be positioned however he likes.

An hour has begun, and Aiden already has a very fun plan in mind, a way of putting both the younger bitch and her cheating mother in their places once and for all, and it will all ultimately end up in the same spot where Aiden witnessed such shock and betrayal one month earlier.

Time will stand still for some kinky fun with a frozen human doll named Kacee in this all new Tale from the Kreme, but where did this prototype SINtendo device come from, and was it just chance that Aiden happened upon it? Find out in the story that reminds you to STOP and enjoy the good times.


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