Sep 03 2018

SINtendo VR changes… everything.

SINtendo Virtual Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Virtual Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

A pair of girls are on a real destination to a virtual experience neither expected as SINtendo September begins 10 all new original tales.

Madison always loved horror movies, loved imagining herself in a monster movie, chased by a slasher, or just stalked by a madman. So when she heard about an immersive VR setup in a nearby mall that lets users choose any online experience to try with it, she grabs her best friend April and they are there when the mall opens.

Intending to try a horror movie experience called Virtual Victim, Madison excitedly scribbles the name poorly and ends up getting plugged into something called Virtual Vixen… an experience made by a company called SINtendo.


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It’s far too early for April, but as Madison’s best friend she isn’t a stranger to being nearly dragged out of her house and off to some seriously important location, said location and seriousness decided by the always impulsive and somewhat obsessed Madison.

This time though they end up in a mall two towns over, one neither have ever been to, and one that hardly anyone has shown up to as it literally just opened its doors. Their reason for being there, Madison explains, is that a very advanced virtual reality experience has been set up in the center of the mall, free for everyone to try a brand new immersive level of technology with any game or VR experience they can find.

Madison has always been into horror movies, and horror is her intended theme for this VR experience. As she explains to April, she’s always had a sort of kinky thrill at imagining herself as the victim in any number of horror movies. Not at all would she like to actually be hurt, killed, or in a real dangerous situation, but to get to step into those stereotypical teenage victims shoes would be the ultimate for any true horror fan her age.

Not seeing it, not understanding it, bothered at being dragged out of her house for a day trip to a mall she doesn’t know, April is confused. But as Madison explains, this Virtual Reality technology she intends to spend all day trying lets you experience any VR game or experience, anything that can be downloaded online, and she found the absolute perfect one, a horror victim experience called Virtual Victim.

Unfortunately for young excited Madison, she’s a little too excited when filling out the forms for this VR experience and the two men operating the equipment read her chosen VR experience as Virtual Vixen, which just so happens to be an actual downloadable VR experience from a company called SINtendo.

While one of the men is concerned because he swears they were told never to use this advanced immersive equipment with SINtendo VR files, the older man figures it was probably just some falling out the programmers had and it’s not worth ruining the experience Madison chose.

But just what is this Virtual Vixen experience, and will Madison realize she’s actually becoming a victim of her own excitement by experiencing the wrong reality? Will this virtual experience awaken a new reality of desires in both men operating the VR equipment? And what about April who’s bored waiting on Madison, never realizing what a victim she is becoming?

Find out as SINtendo September gets underway with ten brand new unique tales of gaming gone wrong.


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