Sep 29 2018

There’s nothing like a SINtendo App

Konversationally SINtendo by Kris P. Kreme

Konversationally SINtendo by Kris P. Kreme

Craig Keenan has sought to create the perfect invention to change the world and put his name out there. Having tinkered and decoded some failed Apps from a company in Japan, he came up with the Keenan, a personal assistant much more powerful than Siri or Alexa.

Heading off to pick up dinner one night for him and his daughter Kensie, he asks her to test it out, an App she can make almost any request to for information or home automation.

All she has to do is speak or ask questions to the Keenan on her phone, but just how much chaos can come from the spoken word?


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Craig Keenan is a tinkerer and inventor and he’s just sure that his latest invention is the one that will definitely change everything. Having finished everything up on a fancy new interactive personal assistant App for phones he calls the Keenan, Craig is ready to let his daughter test it out as he goes to pick up their dinner one evening.

As Craig explains, the Keenan is just like Siri or Alexa, except unlike them it has the ability to interact wirelessly with all technology, everything from home lighting to telling the user the current contents of the refrigerator. And it does all of this without any installed receivers or anything else besides the App installed on a user’s phone.

Amazed by the very thought of such an invention, Kensie finds out that apparently most of what makes her inventor father’s new App function came from scavenging decoded bits of several foreign Apps from Japan. As Craig puts it, some company there had some issues or flaws with their intended final Apps but the coding was basic enough he managed to compile it all together and make something work.

Whatever the case, it’s dinner time and Craig is off to pick up something for the two of them, but while he goes, he says it would be great if Kensie could give the Keenan a trial run, let her know any possible errors or troubles she finds.

So with Craig out the door, it’s just college freshman Kensie and the Keenan, a fancy and somewhat impossible sounding personal assistant that supposedly is entirely voice operated once installed on her phone.

It all starts out typical enough, Kensie asking Keenan to turn off lights, to turn on lights, and even to tell her the contents of the fridge.

But very soon the Keenan begins to get annoying, reminding her constantly of the fact they are almost out of milk, proving just how impossibly intuitive and smart an App it is by giving her personal information about herself that shouldn’t be possible, even going as far as clearing her sinuses when she requests it.

Is there anything the Keenan can’t do and how does it do what it does? Will a simple miscommunication Kensie speaks into the App start a chain of events she’ll never recover from, and will Kensie ever be the same mentally or physically again?

Find out just what kind of game the spoken word can play on a tempting young body in the very first all dialogue SINtendo tale ever told. SINtendo September may be ending but there’s always plenty to talk about, particularly when it’s all Konversationally SINtendo.


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And so SINtendo 2018 comes to a close… But… October is just around the corner…