Oct 04 2018

Days Later… HallowKreme shows the value of exercise

Days Later... Exercising her Demons by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Exercising her Demons by Kris P. Kreme

Tricia got a steal of a deal on some gym equipment that once belonged to a demon conjuring cult. But just days later on Halloween, it may be her soul that has been forever stolen… when she gets an unexpected visit from her innocent niece.

Nora definitely won’t be so innocent after getting locked in the home gym from hell and truly getting a workout that requires more stretching than she ever imagined.

Always remember to stretch and warm up when ‘exercising’ your demons. Tricia and Nora certainly will.


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A week after Tricia got probably the best deal ever on some exceptionally nice exercise equipment, she’s certainly been adjusting to the daily workout. Of course it’s a true workout to tire the soul since each of the three pieces of gym equipment are possessed by demons, demons starved for what only a supple human female can provide them.

Her body has taken the abuse and her mind has been corrupted to a loyalty of which knows no bounds, particularly when Tricia gets an unexpected call from her older sister informing her they have sent their only daughter to stay with her through Halloween.

Apparently last Halloween, eighteen year old cheerleader, Nora, got in big trouble with other cheerleaders for playing a cruel joke on the freshmen girls, locking them in a scary basement utility room at the school. To teach her responsibility and make sure nothing bad happens this Halloween, Tricia’s been volunteered to keep Nora with her, since Tricia has always been highly disciplined.

Unfortunately for Tricia’s sister, the demons are well aware of what has Tricia so bothered about the unexpected guest, and they are more than happy to take her for some truly disciplinary actions. A slave to her new masters, Tricia can only grin and agree… and so Nora arrives never knowing her fate.

A beautiful young redhead, Nora is about to get put through a workout no cheerleader at her school ever imagined, and thanks to a little demonic scheming she may just be taking the lessons she learns back home with her… to further enhance the gym equipment at her school.

HallowKreme continues just Days Later… with an all new chapter in the tale of Exercising her Demons.


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