Oct 02 2018

It’s HallowKreme… Choose your wishes wisely…

Be SCAREful what you Wish For by Kris P. Kreme

Be SCAREful what you Wish For by Kris P. Kreme

Dan would rather not drive out to the middle of nowhere at night for a Halloween Barn Bash, but his always socially obsessed, selfie loving girlfriend is hoping he’ll have some fun.

After stopping to give a lift to a quirky girl dressed as a witch, she offers to thank them with a wish granting spell for each of them.

However, Willa the witch clearly isn’t so great at interpreting wishes as the helpful couple discovers you should always Be SCAREful what you Wish For.


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Dan has never been as socially conscious as his girlfriend Dorothy. Long past college, they are a diverse mid-twenties couple who see the world differently. Where Dorothy is obsessed with selfies and constantly posting her latest activities, Dan would be fine at home watching scary movies alone as a couple for Halloween.

Yet when Dorothy gets her way and Dan is forced to drive out to the middle of nowhere for a Halloween Barn Bash party destination, they both might find themselves getting their wishes… just not in the way they ever imagined.

It’s along the most rural stretch of dark road on the way to some abandoned country barn that they each spot a rather funny girl walking along the side of the road. Dressed as a witch, complete with pointy hat and broken broom, Willa explains that she actually isn’t going to the same Halloween party as them. She just was on her way home when the broom broke.

Assuming she’s just a bit quirky, certainly friendly, a harmless stranger, Dan and Dorothy never suspect their random act of kindness might change their relationship forever.

After dropping Willa off at a crossroads, the barn visible the opposite direction, the young witch offers to thank them, giving each of them one wish, claiming it’s a fairly simple spell.

Playing along, Dorothy is the first to speak up, giving Dan a hard time by wishing he’d always treat her as a doll, would be more aggressive, more social, and just do things with the guys.

Despite the multiple wishes, Willa has no problem with what Dorothy asked for and Dan reluctantly just rolls his eyes and wishes Dorothy would stop with all the selfies all the time.

Parting ways, the helpful couple could never imagine that their wishes will be granted with the next selfie Dorothy takes, and pretty soon Dan and the guys he finds himself aggressively enjoying some social activities with will be truly treating Dorothy like a doll… just probably not the doll she had in mind.

HallowKreme 2018 has begun… so hide under the covers, grab some nubile flesh, and prepare to be both turned on and terrified. And always… always Be SCAREful what you Wish For.


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