Oct 10 2018

Beware the Lust Locker during HallowKreme…

Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust by Kris P. Kreme

Lorelei and the Locker of Lecherous Lust by Kris P. Kreme

Transferring to a new school in October was never going to be easy, not when Lorelei had been popular and happy at her old school.

Yet there’s something sinister about Hallotown High, the way everyone whispers watching her head to her assigned locker.

Thanks to a friendly face among the almost frightened looking student body, Lorelei is told the tale of locker one-eleven, how a student named Jessa cursed it thirty years ago, cursed it to forever absorb pure lust, and cursed the school if that locker was ever opened.

Will Lorelei open the locker of lecherous lust, or is there more to this story nobody could ever know?


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Lorelei never wanted to change schools her senior year, and never understood why her mother was so insistent on doing it not before the school year began but instead during October when everyone has already established their pecking order and place in the senior class.

At her old school, the beautiful dark haired Lorelei was popular but she’s having doubts about this new school from the moment she is assigned her locker, locker number one-eleven.

Even the woman in the school office has a look she gets when realizing the only locker left for a new student is one-eleven, but no one is saying a thing about why that one particular locker seems to have a darkness about it.

Students are giving Lorelei looks the entire way to the locker, just to make sure the combination she was given works. Some are whispering, some are actually clearing out, getting as far from Lorelei as possible, and all it’s doing is stressing her out more.

It isn’t until she’s right at the locker, the apparently dreaded and oddly feared locker one-eleven, that a friendly girl steps up and shows concern where the others seemed to show fear.

A cute but rather shy looking girl with her red hair in a braid approaches and stops Lorelei from opening locker one-eleven.

Introducing herself as Gabby, the girl explains that she really should never open locker one-eleven, and she offers a rather strange tale why that is.

In a small town like Hallotown, there are bound to be stories, tall tales, but the one regarding locker one-eleven at Hallotown High is easily the weirdest Lorelei has ever heard.

According to Gabby there’s a very good reason October sees Hallotown getting called Halloween Town each year, and it all goes back to what happened to a particular senior girl thirty years ago.

Jessa was just a girl who wanted to be popular, but she was strange, curly black hair, very pale, and somehow a bit weird. The pretty girls all snubbed Jessa, were cruel to her, and the story goes that Jessa, before leaving Hallotown High forever, cursed her locker… locker one-eleven.

Lorelei finds it a bit silly, even more so when Gabby assures her that in the thirty years since no one has dared open that locker, because Jessa was just convincing enough to spook everyone who heard her curse. Apparently they gave the locker a name based on what would happen if opened, and it was the locker of lecherous lust.

Each year students tell the tale and each year it always has remained unassigned, until this year when a final student transferring in late became the student to get that locker… that student being Lorelei.

Rolling her eyes, seriously doubtful of any of what she is hearing, Lorelei asks Gabby how this locker could be cursed to contain now thirty years worth of pent up lust inside, waiting to be unleashed if nobody in thirty years has even opened it?

Gabby has no answer, only the sincere belief as they all have that locker one-eleven is not to be disturbed, especially this time of year, during the month they all fear it the most.

Of course will Lorelei give in to the superstition, or will she open locker one-eleven and see what happens? Maybe the question every student in Hallotown High should really be asking is why fate decided this year of all years to fill the school to capacity meaning locker one-eleven got finally assigned to a student? Perhaps there’s a purpose behind everything and Lorelei is merely fulfilling a purpose none of them knew about… except the mysterious Jessa thirty years ago.

HallowKreme gets spooky and twisted in the halls of Hallotown High, where no one can be trusted and something unimaginably kinky is waiting to get released from locker one-eleven.


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