Oct 12 2018

Have a Konversation about costumes and see what happens

Konversational Kostumes by Kris P. Kreme

Konversational Kostumes by Kris P. Kreme

Annabelle is procrastinating about her costume choice, much to the dismay of her friend Cerina, who decided when she began growing her blonde hair out that she would be Rapunzel.

Fortunately the arrival of a friendly talkative man promises a solution to that indecision. As the girls stand before a wall of costume choices, this conversational stranger points out that maybe the best costumes, the ones they were meant to wear, aren’t there at all.

Maybe they were always meant to be something else, something more unique, and in the end something much more frightening and motionless than they ever imagined.


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After last year’s fun dressed as a wolf man, when things got downright Konversationally Kreepy, a familiar doctor of psychology and psychiatry is back at his favorite costume shop, hunting down the perfect look for this year.

It’s while browsing that he spots Annabelle and Cerina, a couple of young friends clearly having trouble finding the right costume in a sea of colorful options.

Striking up a conversation, he learns that while Cerina has been growing her blonde hair out for years in anticipation of the perfect Rapunzel costume, Annabelle is a lot more unsure, holding everything up by simply staring at the multitude of options.

Yet both girls might end up staring a whole lot more blankly when our favorite conversationalist gets to talking and offering words of his special kind of advice. As he points out, choosing the right costume is a lot like choosing what they wear each day, since everything can be seen as a disguise to what you really are.

Very willing to have some help, anything to speed things along, the girls soon are questioning every costume they had in mind, even Cerina’s Rapunzel one, because this friendly stranger has some thoughts on a truly original costume both girls could wear… and in a way it’s the costume they already are wearing.

Oddly sure of himself, the man suggests they both consider being mannequins for Halloween, but very particular kinds of mannequins, since no other girl will find a costume quite like that.

Yet even as friendly a conversation as the girls are having, is there more to this man’s motives than either could suspect? Exactly why would he suggest they try out poses to better fit the costumes he has in mind, and just where would these costumes even take them since mannequins don’t really move on their own?

There’s something happening that Cerina and Annabelle might not fully comprehend until it’s too late, and in the end, our favorite conversationalist might be leaving behind a couple of friends with all new purposes in their future, helpless to try out plenty of Konversational Kostumes.

HallowKreme gets Konversational, but in the end talk is cheap when there’s plenty of enjoyable action to be had.


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