Oct 28 2018

On HallowKreme you get Tricked and Treated

Trance-tory Trick 'er Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treat by Kris P. Kreme

Installing a new fancy product called a Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treater, Jonathan hopes the special hypnotic lighting can do as it claims and influence the visiting kids to only take a couple pieces of candy each.

But while it works flawlessly on the children, what does it do to those over eighteen who are exposed to it?

He’ll find out, just not the way he ever would have chosen as his neighbor’s eighteen year old daughter stands mesmerized for several minutes only to leave her trance with quite uncharacteristic desires.


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Jonathan loves Halloween, has never shied away from decorating or anything, but the one element of it he could do without is constantly being bothered by the doorbell. His experiment last year with simply leaving a bowl out didn’t work, punk kids taking too many pieces and then leaving the latecomers to knock or ring and ask for more.

But this year, Jonathan found a neat device that promises to put an end to such annoyances. It’s called the Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treater, and supposedly while it looks like a simple hanging artificial pumpkin with a face carved in it, it’s actually some sort of special hypnotic strobe lighting effect that activates by motion sensor.

According to the elaborate instructions he reads while wiring everything up and putting it out on Halloween during the day, the device has settings he can adjust for how many pieces of candy each kid should take. When the kids step onto the porch, the strobe lighting activates, they look up fascinated, and then happily take only that amount of candy, walking off.

It seems too good to be true, and a bit strange, particularly the warnings about possible adverse affects to those over eighteen, but Jonathan could never pass up at least giving something new a try.

So he’s setting it up, waving hello to an older guy across the street, an old college buddy who mostly goes on about how hard it is to believe his daughter just turned eighteen and will be off to college soon. Of course his son is still a kid, still going to be around, and later that evening when Jonathan has been impressively watching through his doorbell camera the Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treater work flawlessly, it’s the last stop visit by his neighbor’s son that changes everything.

Sam, the son approaches, but chaperoned by his older sister who is quick to approach the front porch and make sure Sam isn’t taking too much candy. However as the strobe lighting begins, Jonathan can see from the doorbell cam feed on his phone that something isn’t right.

Instead of briefly looking up at the flashing lights and then looking away like all the kids did, Sam’s older sister Abigail is just standing there, seemingly in a total trance staring at the hanging pumpkin lights.

Even as Sam runs off back home, ignoring how weird she is being, Abigail just stands there, and she remains minute after minute until eventually she’s still enough the motion lighting turns off, but Abigail hasn’t moved.

Freaked out a bit, Jonathan realizes that it’s dark, no more kids likely to come by, and he has to make sure Abigail is okay.

Just what will happen when Jonathan inadvertently activates the Trance-tory Trick ‘er Treater with his own motion, stepping onto the porch with Abigail? Will they both be tricked into a treat neither ever expected on Halloween? One thing is definite, there’s a reason the Trick ‘er Treater was only intended to be exposed to kids and the unfortunate side effects to those over eighteen might just expose a whole lot more.

HallowKreme gets tricky with the trances this Halloween, but in the end there’s plenty of treats to go around.


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