Oct 26 2018

Better get moving on HallowKreme

Scary Moving by Kris P. Kreme

Scary Moving by Kris P. Kreme

When Marianne gets a job she never expected to get, she’ll need to find movers who can expedite an immediate move for her and her Great Dane Jaws.

In her excitement she misreads Two Men and a Movie Van for Two Men and a Moving Van, calling up none other than Stan Gibson and his cameraman Jarrett McKane from We’ve Got a Winner.

Once the men arrive with their special camera, things get downright scary as they are making a special Halloween porn movie, and Marianne earned the starring role.

With freakish things taking place like Jaws biting her neighbor Clyde and turning him into a horny werewolf, this is going to be a scary movie Scary Moving like never before.


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Twenty something Marianne has never been more excited than she is to get the call one evening that she got the job, a job she’d applied for on a whim, only because it would be the dream position she’d always wanted. And now she has that job… if she can be settled in and there the next afternoon.

Its several towns over, nothing too bad, but finding movers who work after sunset isn’t easy, and she’s just positive she’s going to blow a big opportunity if she can’t move overnight and immediately get settled before heading to the new job the next day.

Living alone in a small apartment, but with a huge Great Dane named Jaws, Marianne isn’t sure whether she is more worried or excited, until she sees the ad on a browser she has open on her phone, searching for movers.

According to the ad Two Movers and a Moving Van are offering a Halloween Special and so she’s calling them up right away.

Telling the man who answers what an emergency situation this is, he’s quick to assure Marianne there’s no problem. He and his partner can be over right away… and so everything seems solved.

At least it does until her downstairs neighbor comes up complaining about all the noise, her excitement and Jaws pacing around easily transmitting through the paper thin floors to the always grumpy creep down from her. Assuring him she’ll keep it down, knowing soon enough she’ll be finally rid of that annoying downstairs nuisance in her life for good, Marianne packs some boxes and awaits Two Men and a Moving Van.

Only it isn’t Two Men and a Moving Van, Marianne’s excitement about spotting the ad leading her to misread what actually is Two Men and a Movie Van… none other than Stan Gibson and his cameraman Jarrett McKane.

They are the same men who unknown to Marianne gave away prizes of getting to star in their Fantastical Features movies, porn movies more specifically. But this month, they have a Halloween Special in the works and Stan is quick to point out just how perfect Marianne will be for the starring role. He even has a creative thought on how a Great Dane can fit into the feature film.

Describing what this mini-feature would be all about, Stan describes a pretty girl by herself on a dark dismal night, until her faithful companion goes berserk.

As the camera is out and recording, things for Marianne take a truly berserk turn, Jaws going nuts and barking like crazy, bringing her annoying neighbor Clyde up from downstairs… but things take a truly horrifying turn after Jaws goes off and bites Clyde, running out the door.

Marianne plays the perfect victim for this twisted little film, watching as Jaws bite changes her annoying neighbor Clyde, the man snarling and freaking out, no idea what is happening to him as new muscles flex, as his torso and limbs extend, as somehow, by some impossible horror she can’t imagine, Clyde becomes a werewolf right there in her apartment.

Of course Fantastical Features by Stan and Jarrett are not mere fright films, they are porn… and the second Marianne looks into that red record light of the camera, her moan says it all.

Just what kinky twisted things will Marianne beg her werewolf neighbor to do with her supple body? Just how extreme a kinky movie can Stan and Jarrett film in the small apartment? And will doggy style take on all new meaning once the short movie is wrapped up?

Only one thing is for certain this Halloween, Marianne might not be moving after all as she discovers a scary movie can make for truly Scary Moving.

HallowKreme surprises with the sequel you never saw coming… sorta like the werewolf Marianne never saw cumming again and again.


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