Nov 08 2018

Rub it some more…

Still Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Still Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Caleb is the curator for a museum and when he left town a new artifact arrived. An ancient oil lamp, his son Greg cleaned it and discovered an actual genie that granted three wishes, just not in the way he intended.

Now thanks to their wishes, both father and son are enjoying downright freakish kinky fun daily with the sexy Courtney.

That’s when old friends Derek and his redhead wife Liz visit. They are loaned the lamp, told it can give them three wishes.

But assuming it to be a joke, will Derek make three wishes for Liz while she’s watching over detention, never knowing he’s actually changing her body and mind forever?


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The Unexpected Sequel to Rubbing More than the Lamp

It wasn’t all that many weeks ago that Greg discovered the artifact his museum curator dad had received was in fact an ancient bronze lamp with a spectacular secret inside. This lamp held an actual genie, and with one rub anyone was entitled to three wishes.

By way of his own wishes, and at least partially by mistake, Greg ended up getting the woman who’d driven his teenage lust for quite some time, his dad Caleb’s young second wife Courtney. Yet in the process he also got quite the enhancement down below which left Courtney quite massively cum bloated.

Fixing the problem, or so he thought, he wished that she’d absorb the cum and regain a perfect shape, but the shape she regained was an obscenely busty curvy bombshell like neither Caleb nor Greg had ever imagined, and when his dad returned from a trip out of town, his wife and son definitely had a surprise the museum curator would only smile at.

Caleb and Courtney’s marriage has never been better now, in fact one could almost say it’s as fresh and fun as any couple could wish for, though most of the time Caleb and his son Greg are just doing downright freakish things to fuck Courtney into an explosive cum blob, enjoying her imminent explosion because of the wish that in a matter of hours will have her reverting right back to the flawless figure she starts with everyday.

It’s every man’s fantasy to have a hot busty young wife who can literally be fucked to death and it’s no harm no foul, all the do-overs you could ever want. But when old friends of Caleb, Derek and his wife Liz stop by for a visit, everyone has to be on their best behavior.

Fortunately it has been three years, so explaining Courtney’s new curves isn’t impossible, but even given the time, there’s no simple way of explaining where a petite woman like Courtney got bombshell curves any bimbo would be envious of.

Her old friend Liz always worked out and kept fit as much as Courtney but she admits, she’d do anything for curves like Courtney’s. Unfortunately for both Liz and Derek, she’s got the hot red hair and flawless skin, but is flat as ever, often called Mr. Liz by the eighteen year old students where she teaches at a remedial high school not too far away.

Figuring there’s no reason not to share the wealth with their friends, Caleb offers to lend Derek and Liz the oil lamp, explaining that there’s a genie in the lamp and all their problems can be solved with the wishes granted from rubbing the lamp.

Both Derek and Liz are amused, figuring it to be a joke, even when Caleb encourages them to take the lamp home, give it a try. Derek rolls his eyes, amused by the idea of it but mostly annoyed as his wife is by her boss Principal Ty Hamilton of Hawkins High School.

It’s during the drive leaving Caleb’s home that Derek gets a text that his work that Saturday afternoon has been canceled, which would be great if not for the fact Liz can’t cancel the detention Mr. Hamilton has her watching over.

Bummed, Liz promises Derek a fun time to make up for the four hours of boredom alone at home he is in for and so Derek’s mind turns quite quickly to sex.

After all Liz always reminded him in his fantasies of a Jessica Rabbit figure, the red hair mostly and the impossible curves mostly in his and her imagination. She may have never had the curves but the healthy lust for sex and fantasies she always had, which leads to Derek killing time alone with thoughts of Courtney and how Liz might look if she came into such indecent curves.

Figuring it might be fun to mess with the old lamp, pretend to make some wishes for Liz while she’s busy with a couple of slacker kids at the school, Derek is shocked to see the huge smokey haze of a face emerge when he rubs the lamp. Very quickly he grins and figures out the joke, Caleb probably having this lamp rigged with some sort of special effects stuff. Why else would he offer it to Derek and Liz to take home? He knew they’d rub it and this faux genie would appear and it would have them freaking out.

Still, with hours to kill, why not make some downright kinky wishes, since he’s in the mood, and why not record those wishes on Liz’s iPad for her to see later? It’s an impressive trick with the fake genie and old looking lamp and Liz did promise a fun time when she got home. If anything will put her in the mood after dealing with detention at the school, this will Derek thinks.

So making a simple wish for Liz, Derek wishes that his wife would never be mistaken for a man, be so massively well endowed and curvy that men everywhere would be unable to contain their lust for her.

Little could he imagine that while he’s amusing himself alone with the lamp at home, Liz has just about collapsed in the classroom where the two troublesome students she is watching over are seated for detention. Her body is instantly changing, breast growth beyond belief, all new curves, a flawless unbelievably sexy body that has her off balance enough to be incapable of standing.

Worse still, the two eighteen year old students are so aroused looking at her, they quickly debate just which of them will fuck her the fullest.

Trying to pull herself up and escape the room, figure out what just happened to her, Liz never has a chance before back home, her husband unknowingly wishes her fate sealed by wishing that Liz was always horny, always ready for a dick inside her. To him he’s mostly amused imagining what Liz will think when she sees the video he records on her iPad, the kinky side of her coming out at how degrading the wishes are Derek is pretending to make.

Unfortunately there is no pretend when rubbing the lamp and Derek’s second wish has the new sexier redhead teacher Liz instantly aroused, wet and needy even if she doesn’t know why.

Just what will happen when the boys with Liz known for being most unproductive in the classroom get downright reproductive in detention? What will Derek’s final wish be and what fate will it seal for his poor sexy horny wife? And will Derek ever realize that the special effects prank his friend Caleb is playing on him is not a prank at all though just as shocking and surprising?

The lamp is back for a second rub, and this time things get educationally hot for teacher as everyone around will be Still Rubbing More than the Lamp when the day is done.


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