Aug 08 2018

It’s time for a Kustom Wish

Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Rubbing More than the Lamp by Kris P. Kreme

Greg’s dad is a smart guy, the curator for a locally based traveling museum on world cultures. Of course Greg thinks the smartest move he made was marrying Courtney in recent years, a cute, shy, Asian

Fascinated by Courtney, Greg is a homebody, spending his college summers around the house with nothing to occupy himself other than idle fantasies about her.

When he decides a distraction is in order while his dad is out of town, checking a package that arrived for the museum leaves Greg face to ghostly face with an actual genie that offers him three wishes

Sometimes though, getting everything you wished for can be too much to handle.


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Over 11,000 words of Kreme!

Greg’s a typical loner of a college student, spending most of his summers and spare time at home, but it isn’t as though he has no interests… only that those interests happen to be a somewhat forbidden fascination with a petite Asian named Courtney.

The fascination wouldn’t be forbidden if his dad, a curator for a locally based traveling cultural world history museum hadn’t lucked into marrying Courtney a few years earlier. She’s everything a man or boy could want, even if she is rather prohibitively shy and reserved.

Courtney’s shyness has only made things worse for Greg over recent years, too shy to go to a gym and enjoy her passion for constant working out and exercise. Instead she spends much of her days down in their home gym, obsessively trying to stay trim and maintaining the most flawless figure Greg can remember.

But a decent guy, Greg would never let on about his admitted crush, and the fascination of catching himself watching her during the workouts. He may be as frustrated as ever but he’s not going to let it get to him, and that’s what begins the craziest week ever in their happy home.

Since his father frequently has to go out of town to wherever the traveling world cultural museum is headed next, setting up featured items, making sure all goes smoothly, it’s not unusual for Greg and Courtney to be left behind. What is a bit unusual is for a new museum acquisition to arrive by parcel barely after Greg’s dad has left town.

It’s a curiosity of checking out what ancient relic arrived for his dad to look over and incorporate into future exhibitions of the museum that offers the perfect solution to Greg’s problems.

Frustrated and horny, and Courtney too shy to even understand how she only makes it worse for him, Greg goes and decides to open up the box which reveals an antique oil lamp.

It’s a good distraction, a way to keep his thoughts and fascinations in check, but when Greg inadvertently rubs the lamp, everything he ever believed possible is about to change.

In a puff of smoke, just like the old stories and movies, a huge apparition of a face informs him that he has just been granted three wishes. It’s the solution to his problems if he isn’t hallucinating, so Greg wishes he could be a big success and popular with women.

However just like the plots of the fiction he has read or seen on late night television, the wishes seem to have a knack for getting twisted and he is immediately granted a somewhat massive cock that spews nearly a gallon of cum each time he climaxes.

Massively hard and to the point of immediate suffering, Greg wishes he had someone around to test the new equipment on whenever he liked… and at that moment down in the home gym exercising, Courtney starts to get more and more aroused every passing second.

Shyness taking second place to a growing desperation, it isn’t long before Greg has everything he ever fantasized about, Courtney nearly attacking like a wild animal in heat… yet thanks to the wishes, when Greg cums, he instantly ruins her flat tummy.

And so begins a cycle during the week of carnal chaotic coupling and obsessive efforts to flatten and tone back up for Courtney.. yet there are more wishes to be had before life at home reaches an all new normal.

Will Courtney end up shaped more like the exercise ball she frequently uses? Will Greg get too much of what he secretly always wanted? Just what will his dad come home to find his young Asian wife doing and how will he respond?

It’s all about working out problems for this blended family, and the solutions are more enjoyable than they could wish for, as long as they keep Rubbing More than the Lamp.


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