Aug 12 2018

It’s Klassic In Sanity

In Sanity by Kris P. Kreme

In Sanity by Kris P. Kreme

When a powerful godlike being from an alternate reality pops into ours as they have done many times throughout history, he’s only here for a laugh.

Fascinated by human women, his laughs will make true mockeries of the many he encounters, as well as sometimes leaving the men grunting animal like shells of their former selves.

An everyday average trip to the grocery store was never so crazy as this being shares the tale of what really goes on In Sanity.


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A Klassic Kreme tale explores the shared story from an all powerful being that has largely been screwing around with the minds of humans for eons, and he’s never tired of the amusement.

In an alternate realm, one called sanity, this being has existed longer than most humans can understand, and his kind has been creating chaos again and again, influencing human development and civilizations in ways we could never imagine, all for little more than a laugh or two.

Today he’s sharing both a recent experience and a warning. There are those unlike him who hold no interest in humanity anymore, those we should be concerned about… but this is his tale, and he has always had a particular fascination with the human female.

So on a recent visit to our mortal world, he stopped by an utterly ordinary suburban supermarket. Outside some girls were washing cars for charity, inside individuals, couples, even families were going about their ordinary everyday lives, never suspecting that ordinary was about to get downright insane, thanks to a godlike being from the realm of sanity.

Whether it’s the truly ‘udderly’ ridiculous fate of those car wash girls outside, or the new meaning to ‘family friendly’ shopping inside, it’s a day where plenty of random strangers will have an unknown and unnoticed encounter with a playful powerful being whose very thoughts and whims can change everything about their lives.

Checking the melons for freshness in the produce was never so enjoyable, solving blended family dilemmas was never so thrilling, and a little friendly competition among twin sisters was never so unfriendly. They’ll be grunting cavemen searching the aisles, talking babies, and plenty of laughs before the tale is told, but of course, there’s a lesson to be learned, a reason for this powerful creature from an alternate realm to share the story with us mortals.

Find out everything and more in an all new Klassic from the Kreme, find out In Sanity.


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