Jul 02 2019

Reader’s Choice 2019 starts with SIntendo

SINtendo Insta-HO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Insta-HO by Kris P. Kreme

When a shy art student is assigned a digital art project where taking a selfie and using filters will be required, she may just break out of her shell in more ways than she’s ready for.

Jessica only intended to download Instagram, but paying little attention when downloading she ends up with something called SINtendo Insta-HO.

From the very moment she snaps a selfie, filters are changing much more than mere images, and each step she takes to try and correct the errors only makes things worse… or is it just better for every guy around?

Readers Choice Month begins, take a selfie to remember it by.


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Jessica is a mousy haired shy girl taking a summer art class during the summer before college. But the one thing this introvert never expected was to be given a digital art assignment by their instructor using selfies and filters. Without knowing it, she’s about to discover the unknown thrills of altering much more than her image.

Never one to take a selfie, Jessica isn’t at all ready to get started, the one project she has literally put off even thinking about until the weekend before it is due. Even if she’s oozing creativity in every bone of her body as most everyone agrees, especially her friend Stewart, Jessica hates looking at herself in a mirror, much less in a selfie.

Assigned to use an app like Instagram, Jessica reluctantly goes to download it, Stewart planning to stop by later and share the idea he came up with for his own digital art assignment. But shy and reluctant as she is about this art assignment, Jessica hardly pays attention and accidentally downloads an app called SINtendo Insta-HO.

When she sees that Insta-HO claims to be an application guaranteed to present to the world her true inner self through the use of unique filters not found anywhere else, she figures that maybe it will work for what she needs. It isn’t like she plans to make take selfies a habit.

However from the moment she takes a selfie using Insta-HO, Jessica can tell that something isn’t quite right. To start with it somehow seems to have immediately filtered her skin to look like she’s wearing makeup which she never does, and even her freckles seem gone. A glance at her arm confirms, the filter isn’t merely changing her image.

Trying to back out, to reverse what she already did, Jessica only makes things worse as the confusing little labels in the app are only marked using letters and B doesn’t stand for back, it stands for Breasts, which for the first time ever makes Jessica a busty girl.

Panicking, trying to reverse anything that has happened, shy Jessica is looking a whole lot less homely as every option she finds seems only to dig herself deeper.

Will our creative shy girl back her way out of the all new SINtendo Insta-HO app… or will she just end up backing herself up onto thick hard bones guaranteed to leave her oozing more than creativity?

Readers Choice Month has begun, so snap a selfie and celebrate the occasion in style with SINtendo.


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