Jul 26 2019

Readers are aware of SINtendo’s Side Effects

SINtendo Side Effects by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Side Effects by Kris P. Kreme

A YouTube mega star with over ten million subscribers, Julie James is also quite possibly one of the most sexy gamer girls out there.

When she accepts an invitation to meet with usually secretive game developers SINtech to test their latest greatest VR gaming gear, Julie may never be prepared for the side effects she faces.

As her mind continues on in the virtual landscape, her body is left empty and lifeless, but still quite usable at a company like SINtech. But just what sort of side effects do normal everyday gamers like Sam and Caleb face play-testing an adult game, and how will Julie James be able to help them recover?


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Julie James has become known as the world’s most popular gamer girl, at the age of twenty-three already having quite the success with her online YouTube channel where she plays through popular games, shows off the newest tech and best game systems. She has over ten million subscribers, and yet even Julie James knows that a lot of her success comes from the simple fact she’s hot.

The young redhead has quite the male demographic for her videos, and it isn’t all that surprising considering she typically wears a cute sexy outfit during them, but in real life, Julie would like to think that she has contributed a lot more to the world of gaming.

When she’s invited to the ultra modern high rise headquarters of SINtech, Julie believes that she may finally be getting a real opportunity to break some big news in virtual reality gaming.

SINtech is the big name game developer behind a whole lot of games, for many systems, a company that rarely publicizes its name, going by many others except in the fine print. Apparently though they have sent her a personal invitation she couldn’t refuse, an invitation to test out and assist with some truly top tier immersive virtual reality gear. It’s a meeting she definitely would never refuse even if she has to deal with some typical fans on the way into the building.

But fans like Sam and Caleb are actually pretty harmless, she thinks, as they are nerd boys who certainly have a bit of a crush on her, have probably watched all her videos, but they aren’t all that bad really. And a place like SINtech always has play-testing opportunities for regular gamers, so they probably will be having a fun time.

Yet on this fateful day, Julie James as well as regular gamers Sam and Caleb will all discover the troubles and joys of side effects, those seldom spoken about, rarely reported issues that arise with all things new, even games and gaming gear.

When Julie James heads to the rarely seen floor thirteen in SINtech tower, she gets to try on the absolute latest in VR gear for an undisclosed gaming company, the technology so advanced they mostly would like her assistance in shooting out the bugs so to speak, getting rid of glitches.

Unfortunately for Julie James, the glitches might be her when she mistakenly uses the little virtual blasters they give her shooting away blurred or less clear graphical errors in the virtual landscape around her. The only tether she may have to the real world is those glitches and by blasting them away, just what has been left of the real Julie James’ body?

SINtech always has a plan, always has a use, even for a rather sexy but brainless husk of the most popular gamer girl in the world. And while Julie James gets possibly forever lost in a virtual world of her own making, will her body unknowingly assist in the much needed relief for Sam and Caleb who are suffering their own kind of side effects play-testing an adult game about well endowed monsters?

Find out in the epic tale that goes behind the scenes in game development and play-testing, revealing that in some cases, even the side effects are still plenty of fun to play with, particularly when they are SINtendo Side Effects.

Readers Choice Month may cause swelling, unusual feelings of bliss, sexual side effects, and loss of intelligence. Read only at your own risk, but read often.


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