Jul 24 2019

Take this for a migraine Readers

Massaging Away the Migraine by Kris P. Kreme

Massaging Away the Migraine by Kris P. Kreme

Annoyed with her close as family roommate Bella doing nothing to help with rent or anything, Denise plays a rather cruel joke. She tells Bella that an old family cure for headaches, especially migraines, is to squeeze and massage your boobs, to only be more brutal and rough with them the more severe the headache.

But when Denise leaves for work and Bella has a headache, will the poor busty simpleton actually end up forever dulling her senses by spending all day doing depraved severe squeezing things to her big breasts?

It’s a Readers Choice lesson in the dangers of true gullibility, and of course, how to get rid of a headache.


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Even if Denise knows she and Bella are practically family, sorta semi-cousins or something, there are days it’s extremely difficult to put up with the girl. Roommates sharing an apartment, they face expensive bills, a thousand dollar rent nothing to shrug at. But Bella has always been a bit simplistic when it comes to comprehending such matters.

In fact most would say Bella is a simple girl, not stupid, but simple for sure. On a frustrating day when Denise is having to head off to her crappy summer job during the off months from college just to try and earn enough for the both of them, Bella is hanging out on the couch, doing as usual not much of anything. It’s when she complains about a frustrating headache that the evil wheels in Denise’s mind start to turn.

Bella is a contradiction, where Denise is the blonde, Bella is the brunette, but she’s one really ditzy and highly gullible brunette. So messing with Bella has become something of a favorite pastime, even if she’s often too clueless to ever realize she was being messed with.

Telling Bella before she heads out the door that she has an old family secret, a method of soothing a headache that most nobody has ever heard of, Denise knows she’ll take the bait. As an exceptionally busty brunette, Denise also knows the cruel nature of her gullible prank is just too good, given all the work she is having to do just to afford their place.

So Denise tells Bella that the cure for headaches, especially migraines, is to massage the pain away, but not touching the temples or head. No, as Denise explains it to a fascinated and susceptible Bella, the real trick is to massage the breasts, sometimes reeeeally hard, especially if the headache doesn’t go right away.

In fact Denise explains that if the headache should get worse, then sometimes the real solution is just to pound away at her breasts, to just punch and beat them until the cure works.

Leaving the gullible girl to her own devices for the day, convinced at the very least she will have Bella causing herself a little pain, maybe even worsening that silly little headache she complained of, Denise could never suspect just the lengths to which Bella goes to when she really believes something.

And so Bella spends the day increasingly abusing her tits, batting around her big boobs, frustrated to no end that her headache only gets worse, nothing seems to kick in that magical cure Denise had told her about.

But is it possible that Bella might just massage away a lot more than a migraine, that she can punch and pound and squeeze away so hard and brutally at her boobs that she loses what is left of her admittedly simplistic mind?

Denise will find out after work, and maybe her biggest headache will be gone forever, or at least gone in a sense. Bella may be good for something after all, at least with her being so incredibly gullible.

Readers Choice Month offers the cure for headaches… and those pesky thoughts pretty girls have inside their heads.


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