Sep 04 2019

SINtendo September makes you see things

SINtech Tales VR Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales VR Vixen by Kris P. Kreme

Julie James was a massively popular star online for her gaming videos, until the day she disappeared after entering SINtech tower. She was there to test an immersive VR and discovered quickly that everything SINtech creates can have quite perverse and permanent side effects.

Now she has become a virtual vixen, the madness of this virtual world only driving her to escape back into what remains of her body, something she knows SINtech has held onto.

Will she in fact lose herself only more by embracing the kinky madness of VR or will she spread that madness around in her efforts to send a message to the outside world? Find out in the first spinoff series to SINtendo, SINtech Tales.


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Every gamer knows Julie James, the sexiest gamer girl on the planet, and a popular YouTube star with over ten million subscribers to her always hot videos on gaming. But every gamer also knows that Julie James mysteriously vanished several months back. What they don’t know is what really happened to the hottest redhead gamer girl on the planet, nor do they know that she may have just become something they both fantasized about and feared.

It was at SINtech tower, the Goliath geniuses behind most things gaming, often producing games under other more commonly known company names, but always putting in a lot of research and development to their massive advancements in all things gaming. SINtech also happens to be the company behind all games for SINtendo, and little did Julie James know the dangers that day she showed up to be one of the very first to test out the immersive new VR technology they had.

Needless to say it was immersive, as Julie James walked off into a virtual city of the future, her mind creating everything she saw and felt, unaware for a time that she had fully disconnected from her body, leaving it behind in the real world outside as an empty husk which SINtech would certainly find some unique uses for.

She’d been focusing on the bugs still in the system, equipped with virtual blaster guns to destroy those bugs, yet walking off into that virtual city, Julie James was cut off from all things in the real world, no blasters to destroy the monstrous bug she soon would encounter. This bug was a literal giant insect like creature, a monster with multiple legs and arms… but every part of this flying monstrous creature in virtual reality was made out of cocks.

Attacked and ravaged by an actual cock monster, in ways no human could ever be ravaged in the real world, Julie James knew that she was alone, trapped inside the virtual world within SINtech Tower… but she is going to escape, a new determination if not a new madness awoken within her after her virtual attack.

Several months later, when SINtech invites three lucky participants to be the first ever to enter VR simultaneously together… will they offer the window of opportunity Julie James has been waiting for? Will they provide her message to escape back into whatever remains of her real body? Or will they simply be the first victims of a sexual vixen like never before, a VR vixen who is going to begin a never ending quest throughout the boundaries of virtual reality, corrupting all she encounters until she finds her way free of the madness she has descended into?

SINtendo September begins with a brand new series, a spinoff from the most popular series ever, SINtech Tales. Troubles in VR can be anything but virtual, thanks to a vixen named Julie James.


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