Sep 07 2019

SINtendo keeps you in stitches

SINtendo Stitching by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Stitching by Kris P. Kreme

Lincoln and Rex are frustrated. Bitchy spoiled Aunt Katrina has shown up. Worse, she brought along an adopted daughter, a new cousin for the boys and cousin Leah happens to be seriously hot.

Unfortunately Leah is spoiled too, but Lincoln has a solution, a way to truly spoil the busty blonde.

He has a rare SINtendo promo hat, pulled from the market because microfiber wiring stitched into the letters malfunctions. Intended to absorb heat and energy of the wearer to charge the glowing word SINtendo, it absorbs much more, essentially draining the wearer of all intelligence.

They just need to trick Leah into putting the hat on before having some really mind blowing fun.


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Lincoln and Rex are brothers who usually get along great with family, but still living at home and still barely teenagers, the brothers are dealing with a serious nuisance that isn’t family, no matter what their parents and the always entitled bitch Aunt Katrina wants everyone to think.

In all of Lincoln’s eighteen years, he has only seen Aunt Katrina three times, four times for his older brother Rex, and each and every time the woman simply demands all the attention in the world, acting like gracing the brothers’ parents with her presence is a privilege. Unfortunately this time she didn’t show up alone… bringing along her adopted daughter Leah.

While Leah fortunately doesn’t look like the batty old crone Katrina, she definitely has embraced the attitude, walking around demanding attention, even working it out so that the brothers had to bunk with each other, Lincoln having to temporarily give up his room.

As if it wasn’t bad enough having twice the privileged spoiled bitches in their house, Leah happens to be quite easy on the eyes, and neither Lincoln nor Rex is looking at her as anything close to a cousin. But she’s annoying and a spoiled princess and so the brothers are each left angrily venting off their frustrations in their own unique ways.

For the more mature but no less perverse Rex, it’s snapping mental pictures, enjoying the little fun he has in his imagination with a beautiful blonde with big tits and supple lips, wishing she were a bit less intelligence so they could really play mind games and manipulate their new so called cousin into some more enjoyable fun during her visit. But for Lincoln he’s thinking more seriously and deviously, and his brother’s comments about Leah being better if she weren’t so intelligent gives him the perfect idea.

Playing games has always been something the brothers enjoyed, and they were destined to enjoy them even more back when Lincoln found a secondhand SINtendo Whee at the consignment place. Unfortunately he hadn’t yet managed to get it working again before their dad found it and destroyed it, knowing what a bad influence SINtendo is on boys their age. Yet Lincoln knows of a way they still can make SINtendo work for them in this annoying situation with the lovely Leah.

His dad never confiscated one piece of SINtendo memorabilia, a hat with the word SINtendo stitched across the front of it. As he explains to his older brother Rex, SINtendo has always been about new ways of exploring technology, even in something as simple as a hat. This hat, he explains was a very rare promotional item, pulled from sales literally the day it was first available. He lucked onto one and has kept it ever since, never seeing a use for it until now.

The reason the hat was pulled from sales was that SINtendo realized their efforts to add some technology to a hat went too far, even for a company like them. The word SINtendo was made to glow in the dark, but it wasn’t powered by the sun. It was powered by microfiber wiring stitched into the letters themselves. The premise was that the wearer of the hat would feed some of their own energy through the scalp into the hat, charging it so it glowed at night. But like many things SINtendo this bit of product placement was over-engineered and the hat was found to convert everything from the wearer’s head into energy, essentially draining their intelligence, thoughts, making them downright stupid in order to light it up at night.

So Lincoln and Rex have a perfect plan to not only get back at Aunt Katrina by truly spoiling her princess of an adopted daughter, but get back at Leah and make her a new cousin they really can get along with while she’s staying with them. All they have to do is apologize for being unruly and offer a peace offering, as Lincoln does, saying he would like Leah to have a very special vintage cap of his.

Will Leah realize before it’s too late that wearing this supposedly rare vintage cap is literally making her dumber, or has her fate been sealed, literally written in the stitching that already begins to glow? Find out as SINtendo September continues.


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