Sep 14 2019

You can always DOO something with SINtendo

SINtendo see-DOO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo see-DOO by Kris P. Kreme

When Mindy finds herself bored at her job as hostess for a failing downtown restaurant, she downloads a game to play on her phone.

Unfortunately she doesn’t pay enough attention to the title she downloads. Assuming the game is a Sea-Doo game where she can race through tropical waters and generally take her mind away from a stuffy downtown restaurant, Mindy actually has downloaded and begun a game of SINtendo see-DOO.

In this game she must watch simulations of herself doing depraved dirty things. After each simulation she must answer a question of whether she will only SEE or DOO what she just watched?

But how long can she keep watching before breaking down and choosing DOO?


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Mindy has grown used to being bored at work, and unfortunately so has everyone at the nice sit down restaurant near the mall that closed a while back. As the hostess and greeter, Mindy spends much of the average weekday just waiting by the door, standing there ready to greet anyone that might enter with a smile, find them a seat, and break the monotony of doing absolutely nothing.

Even her manager Tim has found ways of dealing with the boredom, checking articles on his phone, wandering around to pass the time, occasionally talking to Javier, the cook in back. But there really is no solution on an exceptionally slow weekday like this, Mindy thinks.

At least that is until she realizes there’s an easy solution for boredom, maybe even a way to take herself away from the dull dimly lit interior of a downtown restaurant. Since Tim and probably even Javier are passing the time on their phones, why can’t she? Sure, she’s usually the responsible girl who would never even take out their phone at work, but there’s bound to be some colorful fun games that can take her mind away from this tedious boring situation.

And so that’s how Mindy starts her search through the latest app games, looking for just the right one to occupy herself with on this dull workday. She quickly finds what sounds like the perfect game, even though it for some reason doesn’t offer any preview pics to show what the game graphics look like. Downloading it to her phone, Mindy misreads what she first thought was a SeaDoo game, picturing tropical waters, colorful places, racing through on a Sea-Doo. The game she loads up is called SINtendo see-DOO and once she has begun the game, she quickly realizes this isn’t the game she thought it was.

Instead of tropical islands or water racing, the game accesses her phone’s cameras using the setting of the restaurant she works in, even creating a game character that looks identical to her. Quickly realizing this isn’t at all what she thought it was, Mindy initially wants to back out and delete the app until a warning appears that SINtendo see-DOO has been activated and failure to let the game complete may result in deletion of personal data on this device.

Reluctantly Mindy has to play through this game, just the once she guesses, so that she can end it and get rid of it, but when she reads the instructions for how this game is played, she is only bothered more. According to the instructions, the goal of the game is to watch simulations on her phone of increasingly perverse sexual behavior by her character. These simulations will be followed by a simple question, will she only SEE or will she DOO?

So a typical day of boredom at work becomes anything but boring and may just lead to a conclusion Mindy never was ready for as she watches scenario after scenario of the mirror image of herself in the high definition recreation of the very restaurant she stands in, doing everything from shameless flirting to sucking off her coworkers and ultimately getting double-teamed, her sweet virgin body thoroughly enjoyed.

The real question is, how long can she resist and keep merely answering that question with the word SEE? Will seeing what she could be doing push innocent Mindy over an edge she never knew she could go over? Will her older manager Tim and Javier discover what a dirty mind and even more entertaining body Mindy is capable of having?

SINtendo September continues with some mindless entertainment to cure boredom at work, as well as to forever answer the question of how best to get along with coworkers.


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