Oct 14 2019

Be careful what you wish for at Hallowkreme

Xadr's Invaders by Kris P. Kreme

Xadr’s Invaders by Kris P. Kreme

When Anna talks her boyfriend into going along as she breaks into the big fancy home at the end of the street on Halloween, Nathan never suspects that this home houses a being of unthinkable power.

Intending to find an antique trinket to steal and take with them, Anna may ultimately end up becoming the trinket this powerful being takes for himself as this is the House of Xadr.

A djinn-cubus, Xadr feeds off wishes, uses those wishes against humans, and has a lust for quite extreme consequences those humans will forever suffer. And he has quite the fate in store for Anna this year.


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Anna is the girl every guy hates to love and loves to hate, because as Nathan would easily assure anyone, even as her boyfriend, she’s a dominant and sometimes twisted bitch. How else would anyone describe Anna’s current plot to break into the creepy house at the end of the street, the house they’ve heard stories about for years.

Nathan will never forget the two guys currently locked away in an asylum, supposedly for their own safety, the guys who one Halloween talked a girl they knew into going trick or treating at the house. They’d claimed she came back from that house different and promptly fucked them both to death… her death. The girl had never been found, had been assumed a runaway, but the story stuck with Nathan.

But Anna has always been tougher, often belittling her boyfriend by calling him ‘girl’ and taunting him that he’ll never get to touch her unless he grows some balls and mans up. Sadly Nathan has taken bullying all his life so it’s really no wonder he ended up with a hot girlfriend who essentially is the same.

Still, her plan is crazy, to wait until no one is at the old house in the woods and sneak onto the property, to break in and steal something, assuming a place that big has all sorts of likely valuable antiques the owners might not even miss.

As Nathan tries to insist that they can’t do this, can’t be home invaders, Anna mockingly laughs, chastising her weak willed boyfriend on the difference between home invaders and thieves, saying that home invaders usually do depraved horrible things to the homeowners.

Unfortunately for both Nathan and Anna, the true owner of this house is always home, as they could never know that this is a place called the House of Xadr.

A supernatural being of extreme rarity, Xadr is perhaps the only djinn-cubus left, part djinn, part incubus, all evil. He feeds off the wishes of others, and unlike mere djinns he can grant his own wishes, warp them how he likes, and only grow stronger and more twisted by doing so.

Their Halloween break-in a success, Nathan isn’t at all enjoying this, Anna only getting more smart mouthed and crude as he repeatedly tries to just get her to leave. But in the dark house, she has found the one antique she never should choose to try and steal… a very ornate carved rocking chair with a sinister story all its own.

Xadr like all of his kind rests in a certain form, but wishes wake him… and his favorite form of recent decades has been this intricately carved rocking chair. But what will Xadr do once woken and will Nathan grow a set of balls to be a man and help his girlfriend… or something much different?

Halloween with the Kreme takes to back to the extreme… with an unexpected visit back to the house everyone wishes they could leave as easily as they enter.


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