Oct 28 2019

Days Later at Hallowkreme things are still a blank

Days Later... Blanking Out by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Blanking Out by Kris P. Kreme

A week before Halloween, Heath joined friends Simone and Eva at the Halloween Emporium. While he had distant hopes of seeing the college girls try on costumes, he ended up getting a lot more when they stumbled upon a mystery in the form of Blanking Lights.

Believed to be a misprint, Blanking Lights were a Trance-tory product that rapidly slowed time for anyone who saw the lights when they began to blink. Caught in between the blinks everyone was essentially living dolls.

Heath found a way to enjoyably use the dolls Simone and Eva became that day but now Eva’s mother wants answers to how her slender daughter got a big preggo looking belly… and Heath might be blanking on what to say.


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It’s been several days since Heath had a surprisingly scary good time with his two longtime friends Simone and Eva. Just days ago, he’d been the typical loner loser, tagging along with the attractive friends to the giant Halloween Emporium to look around. Now Halloween is tomorrow, and thanks to Blanking Lights, a Trance-tory product he purchased while there, Heath is planning on having an exceptionally kinky fun Halloween.

But before Halloween arrives, Heath may have one unexpected hiccup in his perfect devious plans. During the excursion to the Halloween Emporium with the always slutty Simone and quite opposite innocent Eva, they discovered Blanking Lights, Halloween string lights that the store believed were misprinted, even offering them at a discount due to the misspelling of what they thought should have been Blinking Lights. When activated those lights slowed down time for anyone caught looking at the lights when they blinked. They essentially blanked out of consciousness or awareness and were seemingly frozen until someone turned the Blanking Lights Off.

So Heath had done what any horny teen couldn’t resist doing while having two hotties like Simone and Eva essentially turned into living dolls. He’d gotten some Trance-tory energy drinks and fucked and fucked and fucked. The only trouble was by the time he turned the display lights off, Simone and Eva had gained quite the tummies.

Having convinced them that they simply blanked out and went on a rather perverse candy binge at the store, Heath should have known the excuse wouldn’t be bought by everyone.

While Simone was always slutty, Eva never was, and it’s Eva’s mother Stella who arrives with her daughter in tow to demand answers from the only witness to this supposed candy binge.

With the Halloween Emporium closed after the bizarre loss of time for so many customers and employees the day they put the Blanking Lights on display, Heath may be Stella Hanson’s only hope to find answers… but what she might find is a truly twisted way to share her daughter’s fate.

Halloween with the Kreme doubles up on the Kreme just Days Later, as the lovely but stuffed Eva unknowingly brings her mother right to the source of her stuffing. But is Heath prepared for a woman like Stella who may know more than she’s letting on? Find out in an all new Days Later… Blanking Out.


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