Oct 30 2019

The end of Hallowkreme 2019 brings… changes.

What to Wear, What to WERE by Kris P. Kreme

What to Wear, What to WERE by Kris P. Kreme

Wanting to win a sorority bikini costume contest with her friends Bianca and Carissa, Bailey has the perfect solution. They can only wear bikinis but need to be convincing of their chosen animal costumes through behavior, so why not observe the real animals?

With the contest being judged at midnight as Halloween rolls in under the light of a full moon, she calls up her stepbrother Tori to drive them out to the abandoned Hypocentral Petting Farm.

It’s a strange place, with an odd history, yet it still has the animals they need to see. But what happens when those cute animals are prone to biting?

Bailey and her friends may have a lot more to worry about than what to wear this Halloween.


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Tori never liked his name, most thinking it’s a girl’s name, but he definitely is feeling like a man giving not so subtle looks to his scantily clad passengers one late October night underneath the full moon.

It all began when Bailey, his always scheming stepsister called up with a favor, needing a ride for her and her two sorority sister friends out to an abandoned petting farm in the country.

According to Bailey, the sorority is having a bikini costume contest, and they are all supposed to wear just bikinis but somehow using makeup or their behavior make their chosen costume quite obvious. It’s a very strange contest, though maybe not the strangest thing college kids ever came up with for a good time.

Essentially an acting contest, all of the sorority girls have been prohibited from internet searches to research their chosen animals, the house network monitored, but Bailey remembers a strange place called the Hypocentral Petting Farm not all that far off campus.

So as midnight approaches and the judging will begin for this sexy strange sorority contest, Bailey has called up Tori for a lift out to actually observe firsthand the behavior of their chosen animals.

For Tory, that animal is a goat, for her shy and somewhat simple best friend Bianca, it’s a bunny rabbit, and for their always flirty brash friend Carissa, it’s a cow. But rumors have flown about what happened to the Hypocentral Petting Farm, nearly as mysterious as how the Hypocentral Corporation even got its quite unusual name.

As most of the locals heard it, Hypocentral used to have petting farms all over the place, farms to see all sorts of animals, including the three Bailey and her friends are looking to observe. But then after an incident, the farms were just closed and abandoned overnight, all the animals left behind. As Tori explains the local authorities still check in on the animals frequently enough, but it’s those authorities they need to avoid, sneaking to the place by back wooded roads.

Bailey dismisses the reportedly rumored incident as just an animal bite, nothing worth getting worked up about, but in a spooky place called the Hypocentral Petting Farm, under the full moon above, wearing only towels over their bikinis, there’s plenty of reasons to feel chills.

Just why did the eccentric word-game obsessed founder of Hypocentral Corporation name the company what he did? And what was the company really doing investing in and opening petting farms all over the country?

More important to our three sorority sisters, just what will happen when their chosen animals show how spooky a little bite can be? Will Tori get the opportunity to play hero or is an even darker fate awaiting the boy who never liked his name?

On Halloween every girl needs to think carefully about What to Wear… but Halloween with the Kreme puts a twisted spin on those words with… What to WERE.


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And so comes to a close HallowKreme 2019… But Krismas is just around the corner…