Nov 01 2019

The Grab Bag makes an appearance at Hallowkreme

The Grab Bag #40 - The Boobeyman & Tentacle Toys of Taiwan

The Grab Bag #40 – The Boobeyman & Tentacle Toys of Taiwan

For the first time ever, the spookiest season gets ready for even MORE pleasin’ The weather has chilled and so will your blood, readers, as you Grab a pair of terrifying tales! Whether it’s the quite literally titillating tale of a mythic menace known as The Boobeyman, or twisted toys grabbing you with multiple arms, get ready for some Halloween with the Kreme fear!

This Grab Bag Includes:

The Boobeyman: Alexandra’s new home may have an unexpected tenant still dwelling within. Warned by some rather strange girls in the neighborhood, she is told the tale of The Boobeyman, a creature that comes for her as she sleeps and makes her boobs bigger. Will she suffer the same fate as the girl who lived in the home before her? Will her boobs expand as her inhibitions and ability to resist temptation shrink?

Tentacle Toys of Taiwan: An American student in Taiwan, Tommy makes a frightening discovery when he finds his girlfriend Ren’s new Tentacle Toy on the counter one day. Seeming like a bizarre little variation of a Jack-in-the-Box, Ren is obsessed and fascinated by the Tentacle Toy, and her behavior as well as that of many other women is becoming weird and uncharacteristically kinky.


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