Nov 30 2019

It’s important to check your app settings

Trance-tory DOMINapp by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory DOMINapp by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone has a favorite App and your next favorite may be getting beta tested now! From Trance-tory, the company that revolutionized the home products industry and communications, comes the latest app to dominate the market… Trance-tory DOMINapp.

While underground testing technicians monitor results, three lucky men of varying ages and interests have been chosen to beta test an app that promises to boost confidence and help them be the man they always wanted to be.

What it really does though is lock onto their most dominant fantasies, the deviant aggressive sexual desires they hide, and alter the one the app is used on to perfectly submit to those desires.


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Have you ever just wanted to unlock the man inside you could be, your true inner dominance? Well thanks to Trance-tory, there’s now an app for that… at least an app being beta tested.

Deep underground in one of the remote testing labs of Trance-tory, several of the busily working men are eagerly awaiting the first results of specially selected beta testers for Trance-tory DOMINapp.

Offered the chance to beta test a brand new app to boost confidence and success with relationships, several men of varying ages and walks of life have been led to believe that in being selected for the opportunity they will receive a free storage upgrade to their phone. What they could never suspect is that DOMINapp is about a whole lot more than simply boosting confidence and charm, helping them be the man they were meant to be with whatever woman they wanted to be it for.

The storage upgrade is a ruse to have the beta testers send in their phone, the beta version of the app installed, the storage enhanced, but mostly all monitoring set up as well as automatic app deletion after initial beta tests are completed. In reality Trance-tory DOMINapp unleashes the deepest most dominant desires men hold inside, their most aggressive fantasies involving whoever the app is used on. And while it processes that chosen partner, the app essentially leaves them submissive and every bit as eager to give into those desires.

Beta tester number one is Lance, a high school senior who always had a crush on athletic Heather Simms. While she’s always been friends with him, and always one of the most gorgeous girls in school, she never had interest in boys, purely into training and staying fit to get her athletic scholarship.

Will DOMINapp give Lance the dominant personality to make his most fantasized intentions clear, and will Heather forget about keeping her figure slim just to make those intentions happen?

Beta tester number two is Mitch, a married man whose marriage has seen far better times. Adrianne was in school when they married, but quickly got her degree and a career where he was laid off, meaning she has seen nothing but success while he’s seeing no success for their marriage in the future.

Will DOMINapp give Mitch the confidence to still be the man in the house, the confidence to show Adrianne that her place isn’t in the corporate world but at home, preferably under him?

Beta tester number three is a middle-aged always likable guy named Jim whose simply interested in seeing what a confidence boost might do to help him on a blind date he has been set up to meet later at his apartment.

But just what happens when the cute coed neighbor in the apartment next door asks him for a little help with a troublesome furniture assembly next door as the app is active and running? Will DOMINapp mistakenly release the fantasies every guy has about a pretty girl half their age and alter his neighbor Katie to eagerly submit to those fantasies?

Trance-tory is a company that puts out products to change much more than your lives… but even their best new products require a little testing. And their newest app is gonna dominate the market when it’s released.


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