He’s just Evil at Krismas

Evil Santa by Kris P. Kreme

Evil Santa by Kris P. Kreme

Cindy has always teased her friend and roommate Ella about being so shy, but on a late drive back to campus their conversation reveals a secret that Cindy can’t help but exploit.

Ella has a thing for Santa.

Spotting a sign outside a bar that says LIVE SANTA, Cindy is quick to pull in, intending on finally giving Ella a thrill.

What neither could ever know is that the lighted sign was accidentally reversed, and inside is actually the very opposite of Santa, Evil Atnas.

Unlike Santa, Atnas gives bad boys and girls what they want, and lucky for him, Cindy is just bad enough to get the fun started.

The 12 Days of Krismas gives good girls gifts that makes them naughty.


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Driving back to campus during the holidays, Cindy and Ella couldn’t be a more different pair of friends. But roommates are rarely assigned based on having the same personality and interests. What neither girl knows is that their fates may be quite twisted together after a diversion leads them face to face with Santa’s evil counterpart.

Ella has always been terminally shy, but the holidays perk her up and she can’t get enough of the pretty lights, the festive colors, and even if her roommate Cindy is a bit of a bad girl, much more daring than she ever would be, they’ve become good friends over the year or so of rooming together.

But when Cindy dives right into a conversation about some guys who flirted with them, teasing her shy roommate, she accidentally stumbles upon a deeply hidden kink the shy girl has hidden away from everyone. Christmas always brings Ella a bit out of her shell, and the ever teasing Cindy has discovered that Ella has a special hot spot in her desires for Santa.

As it just so happens, Cindy passed a lighted sign outside a seedy looking bar during their night drive back to campus. And naturally the never shy ever naughty Cindy wants to play around and see Ella’s reaction by turning and heading back there.

Embarrassed, wanting to just head back to the dorms, Ella can only blush more at what the sign says, LIVE SANTA, but what neither girl could ever imagine is that this seedy looking bar hosts a much different guest than the one they are intending to see.

With no cars in the parking lot, the place might not even seem open, but the big hunky black guy checking ID at the door definitely seems to indicate it is. Yet his surprise at seeing Cindy and Ella isn’t related to their being generally clean cut decent looking college coeds. It’s because they don’t at all look like the usual guests of Atnas.

The man is not jolly and fat, but muscular and grinning, and he wears not a red suit but a green suit, and as Cindy and Ella are about to find out, this man is very much the supernatural opposite of Santa.

Fortunately Cindy is a bad enough girl that Atnas can give her what she wants most for Christmas, and after a little evil influence and affection, all the girl may want is to fully corrupt and ruin her good girl roommate.

A quiet December night, a mostly empty bar, and a sign unfortunately reversed and lit from behind, these girls are about to get more than they ever could ask for thanks to evil Atnas.

The 12 Days of Krismas bring chills to readers, but sometimes from those chills come quite pleasurable thrills.


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