Dec 10 2019

Have a cone at Krismas

Trance-tory Christmas Cones by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Christmas Cones by Kris P. Kreme

Heading to a local Christmas block party, Bryce figures this is the best time to try out the Trance-tory Christmas Cones he bought with his rather shy reserved girlfriend Mia in mind.

But he could never imagine that the specially blended ice cream does more than just thaw a frigid woman, it takes an already lukewarm woman and brings heat like she’s never fathomed, leading to all sorts of embarrassing situations.

Will Bryce manage to control his hot horny Christmas Cone altered girlfriend, or will her lust prove too much even for his decency of trying to get her away from the party?

The 12 Days of Krismas uses a cold treat to turn up the heat.


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In many ways Bryce considers himself lucky with Mia. After all, she’s the exotic Asian girl from work most guys have looked at more than a few times during the workday, but she’s also the girl most women hardly noticed. Not because she isn’t gorgeous, as that much is plain, but Mia is a hard worker who never gossips, and generally fits the word ‘reserved’ better than any girl Bryce has met. She’s a great girl, especially now as his girlfriend, but Mia just isn’t that dose of excitement he thought he was getting once they began dating.

But how can a guy do anything about that? Well in Bryce’s eyes the solution may be as simple as a snack, specifically a new product only sold online, shipped cold, and with specific promises he really doesn’t fully believe.

Trance-tory Christmas Cones are advertised as the cold treat to thaw that frigid woman in a man’s life, and while no one would say Mia is frigid, it sure would be nice if she warmed up a little spontaneous excitement into their love life.

So with a big Christmas block party the two are about to attend, one where Bryce knows a number of his work buddies will be, he puts his plan into action. At the very least if it proves to be something of an aphrodisiac, maybe Mia will be more flirtatious with him, more touchy feely, something to really show off at the party, especially with her wearing the cute outfit she agreed to wear.

What Bryce never expects is for Christmas Cones to be far more than advertised. The specially made ice cream cone is so tasty to Mia, she’s more than just ravenous at the taste of it, she’s becoming more sultry in her looks, more desperate in her touches, and more downright horny in her actions heading down to the party.

Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? It would sure seem so as Bryce is panicking, realizing that maybe the Christmas Cones are only meant for truly cold hearted sexless women, not a tame shy reserved girl like Mia.

Will he manage to keep Mia under control when she’s hornier than ever? Will his work buddies help or hinder him? And in the end will Bryce get exactly the kind of girl he always fantasized Mia could be while admiring her from afar before asking her out? With Trance-tory involved, the answer is always likely to be more extreme than anyone could imagine.

The 12 Days of Krismas bring chills to readers, but sometimes from those chills come quite pleasurable thrills.


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