Aug 28 2020

Grab something in the heat of August

The Grab Bag #48 - Half Off! & Darwin’s Unfortunate Law

The Grab Bag #48 – Half Off! & Darwin’s Unfortunate Law

You don’t need safety precautions to Grab these two special tales… there’s nothing safe about them! Kiera only intended to hit the store early, find some good sales… but she never counted on a terrorist plot selling her. Darwin Darius never had much luck charming the ladies, but when he gets angry it’s most unfortunate for the ones he takes an interest in. So stay inside where it’s safe and live dangerously with these hot summer tales.

This Grab Bag Includes:


Half Off! – Shopping for clothes that fit her better, Kiera ends up one of few customers at a department store having a big sale. But has this department store been targeted by a truly chaotic terrorist group with a penchant for the perverse? When a strangely quiet man enters and puts up a large HALF OFF! banner, interest turns to obsession turns to compulsion for all who focus on it and Kiera isn’t immune.

Darwin’s Unfortunate Law – When Darwin Darius meets an attractive woman, he can fall head over heels… but then a rich middle-aged man can’t change an often selfish arrogant woman’s mindset with wealth alone. On a day when everything seems to be going wrong, Darwin’s Unfortunate Law will be faced by several attractive women, minds and bodies twisted in ways of a quite unnatural selection.


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