Sep 21 2020

There’s nothing like being fudged by SINtendo

SINtech Tales Motherfudged by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales Motherfudged by Kris P. Kreme

Julie James has been here before, the virtual city she revealed in those moments her mind was splitting from her physical body on Floor 13 of SINtech Tower.

She’s been here before, and she’s back for revenge.

Max was the man who fucked up Julie’s innocent life, leaving her trapped in VR, leaving her empty shell of a body for use by gamers, employees, and anyone who wanted the gorgeous gamer girl. Today Max’s wife Belinda happens to be there with their two sons, a sweet woman who never says fuck, only fudge.

While the kids enjoy a happy VR playground, Belinda will step through a door there’s no return from, a door Julie stepped through… and she’ll truly be MotherFudged forever.


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Julie James has seen a lot in her virtual worlds, the worlds that became hers to rule over after her mind was disconnected from her body and left abandoned there by SINtech, the corporation that tests new technology for SINtendo.

She’s seen a lot and changed more, originally a victim and now a villain to all who step into her virtual path. But the modern city streets she wanders now are familiar to her, because these are the same future streets she first experienced in virtual reality that day in SINtech tower. A darkened city with neon lighting, a future world of her own making, the world that became hers when her mind latched onto it and her body was left a shell… one SINtech was all too happy to use as little more than an empty sex doll for the playtesters who often experienced their own side effects.

What all began as side effects will be Julie’s inspiration for the first strike back at SINtech Tower. After finding her way back onto the server they tried to purge her from, Julie James and her cock monster VR friend are ready to send the man that did this to her a message he won’t be able to ignore.

Back in the day, the man refused to say names, said that Floor 13 of SINtech Tower, nobody had names. It was a security measure, but Julie James lives in VR now, so finding his name wasn’t all that difficult. Max has been every bit as secretive to his loving wife and their two children as he has been on Floor 13, where most of his research and development for SINtendo takes place.

His beautiful wife Belinda and their sons Caleb and Joey are on Floor 13 now, invited to participate in a simulation much like Julie James was invited to more than a year ago. They will all enter VR together, supposedly to a virtual playground, just some colorful family friendly landscapes and buildings, something Max knows they’ve perfected now, something his family deserves to enjoy together.

But what happens when Belinda sees a door inside VR that shouldn’t be there, a door to someone else’s sinister playground? Monitored from Floor 13, Julie James has already made sure no one will know just what the lovely milf Belinda is experiencing until it’s too late.

Max fucked with Julie James’ life and left her a kinky VR vixen, her body little more than an empty shell… and today his sexy wife and mother of their children will serve as precisely the extreme kind of message Julie needs to send.

Belinda has always been the sweet mom, the one who never curses, always says the word fudge, but when Julie James comes along… she’ll find herself truly motherfudged, and quite possibly in the same virtual boat as the one time famed gamer girl, now virtual vixen.


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