SINtendo sees VR in a new light

SINtendo StretcHER by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo StretcHER by Kris P. Kreme

Melanie and Preston have a great relationship, but there’s always been one thing that Preston said would save that relationship from getting dull and that’s for Melanie to join his interest in gaming.

Unfortunately on the day she finally went down to the corner gaming store and found a VR game she likes, he has to work late. So Preston won’t be there for her first experience with gaming… but he will show up to find the stretched out freak she has unknowingly become.

As the headset comes off, Melanie is panicked, wanting Preston to do anything to fix what she did to herself… and that’s where the passion in their relationship meets freakish new dimensions, all thanks to SINtendo.


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Melanie has dated Preston for years now, but there’s one thing he’s wanted her to do, wanted her to enjoy as much as he does, and that’s gaming. But of course on the day that she’s finally broken the surprise to him, that she went by the quirky gaming store he frequents and found a game she is interested in playing… that’s the day he has to work late again.

As Melanie puts it, that’s the sacrifices he makes earning the big bucks, but with the economy as it is, he can’t very well take having a job for granted, even if this is the day his sexy tanned girlfriend will finally be trying out a virtual reality game she bought.

There are several things Melanie loves without question, and after Preston comes her snarky sense of humor and yanking his crank to give him a hard time about things… but after playing her first video game, the passion may be put back in their relationship in ways well beyond just yanking on Preston’s crank.

That’s because Melanie has unknowingly bought a game she simply thinks makes virtual fun out of basic exercise. The game is called Stretcher, but what she couldn’t know is that the tiny VR game on a thumb drive with poorly translated English instructions is actually an original Japanese game from a company notorious for taking VR fun to twisted levels.

To play SINtendo StretcHER, the rules are simple, Melanie will stand in one place and colorful spheres will float at varying distances from her. She must stretch and reach to pop those spheres, each one adding different point totals to her overall score. As far as Melanie is concerned, stretching is one of the simplest important exercises, so this will be something physically good for her and she’ll give Preston that thrill he always wanted, joining his passion for gaming.

But without Preston there to witness Melanie playing the VR game, no one can warn Melanie that as she plays it, she’s truly stretching… herself.

When Preston shows up, Melanie is still going for a high score, having played the game for hours, really loving the challenge of reaching further and further for the floating colorful spheres. But one look at his girlfriend and Preston is the one freaking out.

Attempting to calm her, he has Melanie take off the VR headset only to realize she has a freakishly elongated torso, her abs stretched like an overused rubber band, her arms stretched out, standing several feet taller than her boyfriend.

Preston has heard of SINtendo, a seriously manipulative game company, so he’s positive there’s probably some method to fix her, and sure enough after searching online, the answer is clear.

SINtendo is known for making sexual games but so far Melanie hasn’t experienced anything like that… but to keep her from having noodle arms and an elongated stretched out body forever, it will take the opposite type of stretching… sexual stretching.

Will Preston and his girlfriend discover an all new freakish passion in their lives? Will Melanie regain somewhat normal proportions again, or at least ones she can walk through doors with? And just what happens if Preston plays the game? Can his girlfriend possibly yank his crank to all new extremes?

It’s not much of a stretch to say that SINtendo September truly twists reality, even when it’s virtual.


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