Sep 30 2020

There’s nothing like a SINtendo SNAPshot

SINtendo SNAPshot by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SNAPshot by Kris P. Kreme

Barry loves photography, and the pandemic has given him limitless time to explore that love. But will he ultimately find a greater and much more physical love than he expected after discovering a mysterious photography app, one rumored online to apparently trap people?

He is intrigued by the strange discussion on a forum he frequents, so Barry finds and downloads SINtendo SNAPshot. After heading off into a nearby park where almost no one is thanks to the pandemic, he begins taking photos.

At first he just thinks the app makes little animated scenes from his snapshots, but what happens when he takes a candid picture of a cute jogger and that jogger becomes trapped in his phone?


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Barry was always a bit of a loner, which in effect meant he spent much of his life alone… even before a global pandemic pushed him into true isolation. Yet Barry was never a bad guy, just shy and quiet, with an interest in all things photography.

The pandemic gave perfect opportunities to be alone and explore the hobby of photography, but one day when Barry was checking out a photography forum online, he came across something very unusual. It was an older thread of discussion, and had been locked for supposedly being an unsafe discussion. But the discussion seemed to be about a new photo app that couldn’t be found on the App Store.

What catches Barry most by surprise is that people are replying to the original post linking the app making strange claims about people being trapped. They seem very angry in the old posts, saying they can’t get their wife, their sister back. Yet the original poster simply had replied that all they had to do was throw away the snapshot and everyone would be fine. It’s not long after the frantic seeming discussion turned a bit oddly violent, mention of destroying the snapshot, of brutalizing, beating, drowning, electrocuting… that the topic was locked and the link to this mysterious photo app removed from the forum.

But Barry is too curious, a loner, a guy, he’s fascinated by how worked up people got over an app. So it isn’t that hard to search the name SNAPshot and find the one they were talking about.

As Barry had spent his government stimulus check on a brand new fancy phone, he’s very eager to give this app a try. And since restrictions have been lifted in recent weeks, he figures why not go to the park? There’s almost never anyone there and he can take snapshots of nature or whatever he happens across.

But Barry has never heard of SINtendo before, simply thinking it a funny name for an app company. And SINtendo SNAPshot is truly a unique photo app… one which takes pictures in a way no other app has ever taken pictures.

At first he thinks it’s pretty cool, snapping a picture of a tree blowing in the cool breeze, his phone image animated exactly the same as the tree was. What he never notices is that the tree he took the photo of in the real world remains impossibly still, despite the breeze.

So Barry never even suspects the snapshot he takes of a young attractive jogger would be anything but a neat candid shot. He’s simply interested in trying the app out on something moving to check the features. Unfortunately the app seems to shock him a bit on the thumb each time he uses it, and Barry hardly notices that the jogger has completely stopped moving, frozen in place like a doll.

On his phone, the jogger is moving, animated like the tree was, but as he views the snapshot, she slows down and stops, looking around confused in a gray nothingness surrounding.

Concerned, he asks the frozen full-size jogger if she’s okay, but there is not a shred of movement, not even breathing to indicate she’s real at all. And when Barry discovers that the animated snapshot is not animated at all but in fact the real girl, he has an all new situation more difficult to figure out than the pandemic they all have been dealing with.

Somehow SNAPshot captures the subject of the photo… and leaves them merely an empty shell. Being a good guy, he wants to help, but how? Maya, the jogger can communicate with him through his phone, a tiny animated trapped girl who’s more than a little pissed off at whatever this freak did to her. Yet when he realizes the only way to maybe set things right is to destroy the snapshot, just as the person had said on that forum… will Maya be in for more than a girl can handle?

Destroying a SINtendo SNAPshot means damaging the body, the empty shell, but nothing happens, no bruises, nothing at all… except to the tiny captured Maya on the phone. A loner like Barry has obvious needs like any guy… so just where will various seemingly cruel and aggressive attempts to destroy Maya’s full-size body take him? Will his genuine desire to help turn both of their desires into something new, something which ultimately gives Barry more than photography ever did?

SINtendo September leaves you with a snapshot to remember it by… and this is one photo no one will forget.


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