Sep 30 2020

Grab a little something before fall begins

The Grab Bag #49 - Stuck in Bimbo Limbo & Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #49 – Stuck in Bimbo Limbo & Instant Gratification by Kris P. Kreme

College is back in session and if you thought there was enough to worry about with the pandemic, think again… although Cassandra may find herself unable to think about much of anything after getting Stuck in Bimbo Limbo, and when Katherine working on a thesis of how the media is manipulating viewers gets a sample digital filter to review it truly manipulates her into quite stimulating extra-curricular fun!

This Grab Bag Includes:

Stuck in Bimbo Limbo: Waking to being pried from her car, strapped down and taken to a strange hospital, Cassandra knows that something is off about everything and everyone. But is it really her that something is off about? Just what sort of recovery is she experiencing, what sort of fluids are in that IV that is somehow changing her once boyish body? Will she see her boyfriend again and will he recognize her?

Instant Gratification: Katherine is a hardworking college student with a bright future ahead in journalism. She’s been working for months on a college thesis she titles Instant Gratification. When she is sent sample ads which supposedly show how a new digital filter can subconsciously and subliminally affect anyone watching any ad the filter is applied to, Katherine may get her biggest break yet… or she may be broken.


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