Oct 04 2020

HallowKreme is remarkable

SIMPly Remarkable by Kris P. Kreme

SIMPly Remarkable by Kris P. Kreme

Dinky is an imp, but don’t let his name fool you. This imp has big plans, especially after finally passing his certification course on the supernatural skill of Remarkability.

Every imp has an aura of skills, both natural and learned, and while all imps are clever tricksters, they must train in the skill of Remarkability, the skill of being able to change a person merely by working the word remarkable or variations of it into a sentence.

At the mall for some retail therapy to help her recently dumped friend Anna, Kelly and her dad may be taking therapy to new extremes after Dinky stops the three of them and strikes up a most remarkably inappropriate conversation.


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It’s that special time of year again, when barely anyone blinks an eye at strange little creatures with big ears and horns atop their heads. But what if the costumed figure you meet in the mall one day is not wearing a costume at all?

That’s the case with an odd little creature named Dinky, who by virtue of having such a name knows quite well when to appreciate something and when not to. Dinky happens to be an imp, and Halloween is the one time of year when he can visit the human world and not be feared, mocked, or otherwise paid much attention to. But this Halloween happens to be particularly special to Dinky.

He has only just passed his certification training in a brand new supernatural skill called Remarkability.

Like all imps, Dinky knows his ultimate purpose in the ranking of supernatural creatures is to serve higher beings, but he has long admired the imps who manage to step outside such limitations, just as much as he has admired the human condition, the way people can often act outside their own limitations. And now with the skill of Remarkability added to his aura, the qualities that give him the always creatively clever imp powers he enjoys, Dinky can do something he’s always wanted to do.

While no human mind could truly comprehend how imp auras worked, most might easily accept that natural auras of the imp included whimsical magic and general chaos, the clever tricksters of the underworld. But Remarkability is rather special, if not so complicated, a skill Dinky has greatly looked forward to using.

In essence, all Dinky has to do is work the word Remarkable or any variation on that word into a sentence and that sentence can vastly change a person. Whether its their behavior, their beliefs, their attitude, or even their physical being… anything can be changed on a whim and so Dinky has come to that great place of human interaction, the mall.

All he needs is the perfect human or humans to strike up a conversation with, to flex his new Remarkability skills, and fortunately for him Kelly has brought her recently dumped bestie Anna to the mall for some retail therapy to get over the funk she’s been in. Along with Kelly’s dad who’s mostly just following along to keep the girls safe and buy his daughter whatever she wants, the three happen to enter the mall right where Dinky the recently upgraded imp is waiting.

Will Dinky the imp talk Kelly into helping her friend Anna get over one guy by getting under another? Will Kelly’s dad end up being that guy? And will sweet innocent Anna be anything but after seeing the remarkable truth in everything Dink tells them?

Halloween with the Kreme continues telling twisted tales in this remarkably twisted year!


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