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CosTUNING by Kris P. Kreme

CosTUNING by Kris P. Kreme

When Eva wanted a Halloween costume party, her loving husband Steve made it happen. Dressing in their own costume, they invited a few close friends, but the real fun comes from the one guest they didn’t invite.

Tuner is stuck in the rain, seeking an escape from the dreary night. When he happens upon the home of Eva and Steve, the devilishly sexy Eva invites him inside. And to thank her, Tuner gives her a special spirited tuning according to her costume.

Now with her own plastic pitchfork imbued with the powers of tuning, it’s Eva who will re-tune her own husband and their closest friends, the lot of them having quite the twisted party, where many of the twists last forever.


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Eva and her husband Steve are more into Halloween than most, Eva particularly loving this spooky time of year and uniquely appreciating any excuse for getting into a sexy costume. So it’s no real surprise that Steve has given his wife exactly what she wanted, a small little costumed get together with some of their closest friends over on a very fittingly stormy evening.

Dressed as a sexy devil woman, Eva is looking as stunning as ever, and Steve certainly went the extra mile on his zombie priest costume, even if their friends phoned it in with their own costume efforts, Jonathan wearing a towel for a cape and a spandex superhero costume, his girlfriend Betty merely wearing a suit and calling herself a businesswoman. Their remaining single friend Charlotte is wearing a lab coat, calling herself a sexy scientist.

But it isn’t all about the costumes, even if the happily married hosts went to all the effort on theirs. Tonight is just a fun night of hanging out, telling spooky stories, and having a fun time… at least it is until someone quite unexpected knocks at the door.

It turns out that getting caught in the rain is no fun, and the oddly dressed man who seems to be in a costume of his own is all about having fun. Answering the door, feeling a little silly with her devil horns and fancy plastic pitchfork, Eva is the first to meet a friendly quirky man calling himself Tuner.

Tuner is simply looking for a place to step in out of the rain, but never let it be said that Tuner doesn’t repay a favor… in his own unique way.

Spotting the fork the sexy devil lady at the door holds, Tuner has the twisted idea of tuning her and tuning her own fork to spread a little seasonal thrills and chills at her costume party.

But when Eva has been tuned devilishly wicked, will she use her own tuning pitchfork to bring about depraved transformations among her poorly costumed friends? And will her dear sweet husband feel the urge to confess like he never has confessed once tuned into a proper zombie priest?

A once faithful wife is as sinful as the devil at a party none of them will ever forget, and Tuner is only too happy to have these twisted new friends to spend time with, while the rain pours outside. A superhero with a super erection, a businesswoman in the oldest business around, and a sexy scientist willing to experiment on her own body… some parties can really tune into twisted like no one ever imagined.

Halloween with the Kreme reminds you to stay in tune with whatever costume you choose to wear this year!


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