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Another Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

Another Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

Three years ago, April Flowers held a party at a house down the street from an old asylum. They played the closet game, where two would step into a closet and share their deepest fantasies.

But this version of Seven Minutes in Heaven was held in a notorious closet rumored to be the place an escaped crazy hid decades before, and it might just be haunted by his special brand of craziness.

Tonight Chuck and his friends Alice and Elise are going to solve that mystery. His cop father became obsessed with the doll April Flowers supposedly became, and Chuck needs answers.

But are the answers he finds, the ones he truly needs, and will his friends pay the price for their curiosity?


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Three years ago a typical teenage Halloween party took a turn for the twisted, and one small town has felt the effects of that night forever after. It was the night April Flowers, a uniquely named beautiful eighteen year old girl went missing, the night she held a costumed Halloween party in a notoriously creepy home down the street from an old asylum.

It was during that party that the teens shared spooky stories, one in particular about the closet upstairs in the reportedly haunted house. That closet happened to be where the craziest of crazies decades earlier hid after escaping the asylum that held him. And as the teens on that night way back then stepped into the closet two by two, the psychopath tortured them with their worst fears come true.

But in April’s party, the same creepy closet would serve as a setting for the closet game, one simply called Seven Minutes in Heaven. Unfortunately for April, she would never leave that closet alive… at least not alive the way she ever was before.

Chuck and his best friends, twin sisters Alice and Elise, were just freshmen when they heard about April Flowers’ disappearance. There were plenty of rumors that went around, and one of the more unnerving was that April hadn’t vanished without a trace, but that something, some sinister force, perhaps supernatural, had transformed the sexy teen into a sex doll version of herself.

Chuck’s dad was one of the cops who investigated the disappearance, and the party three years ago started a chain reaction of events that would forever change Chuck’s life.

Supposedly his dad became obsessed with the unsolved case, and even more disturbing, he became obsessed with the doll kept in the evidence lockup down at the station. That doll, none other than April Flowers herself, was too real, too lifelike, and it would be the cause of Chuck’s mother leaving them, because his dad brought that doll home and took obsession to a new kinky level.

So here it is, three years later, and Chuck and best friends Alice and Elise are going to do their own investigation. Having swiped the keys that keep the creepy old house locked up, it’s only fitting that a storm seems to be blowing in.

Their goal is to see the notorious closet for themselves, to figure out once and for all if something supernatural resides within, and to hopefully put to rest the mystery behind that doll that broke up his dad’s marriage.

Yet as soon as the old closet is opened, an unsettlingly pink dusty mist begins a night where nothing will be what it seems. And as the three inquisitive friends step into the closet, a timer on Chuck’s phone counting down from seven minutes, they may learn more about each other than they ever wanted to know.

Can a closet really be haunted? Can it actually release the most depraved fantasies that can transform ordinary flesh and blood girls into sex dolls? And will visiting this closet help Chuck understand his father any better?

Halloween with the Kreme gets creepy and extreme, with a mystery three years in the making, one that doesn’t take too long to explore, only… Another Seven Minutes!


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