Donnie can help find a job at Hallowkreme

Donnie the Demon's Business Essential by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Business Essential by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon has never been the brightest, but he’s always having a fun time, constantly eating mini-pizzas, and this year has his very own clothing line.

Thanks to a scheme of his old bullies, now employees, Melgrim and Grimmel, there’s a brand new section in his store… Business Essentials.

Featuring regular clothing for a variety of jobs, this section uses clothes by Hellish Alterations… a supplier down below whose materials will forever alter the wearer.

When four friends who recently got temp jobs stop by hoping to save some money getting what they need at a costume store they could never imagine how pleasurable trying on clothes could be.


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Donnie the Demon has rarely had a moment of stress in his life since he opened his Costume Castle, the craziest, biggest, and unknown to him most twisted costume shop on earth. But this year his one-time bullies and now manipulative employees Melgrim and Grimmel have come up with a new scheme, one revolving around a whole new section in the Costume Castle.

Known as Business Essentials, this is a section which won’t feature costumes… at least not in the traditional sense. These will be Donnie the Demon’s very own clothing line, consisting of uniforms and other clothing people can and hopefully will purchase any day of the year, not just Halloween and those few other special holidays.

While Donnie might be cool about most anything, he’s more focused as usual on the constant mini-pizzas he consumes than all the details of his new Business Essentials clothing line. Yet Melgrim and Grimmel are always up to something, and their plan this time is a simple one.

Having not only set up a modern looking stylish clothing section with all manner of work related costumes, the two demons have built an elaborate network of security cameras to capture the fun when someone happens to try on the specially made clothing.

As Melgrim points out, Donnie insisted they change suppliers on much of his stock of regular costumes, meaning the ones tainted by hellish magic that transform the wearer are becoming a bit less likely to be tried on or purchased. Needing to make money through some porn sites, Melgrim and Grimmel need kinky footage of some specially affected customers and so all of the Business Essentials clothing line comes from a special supplier down below… called Hellish Alterations.

With the new section up and stocked, the day is taking a turn for the profitable, both for Donnie the ever dimwitted but supernaturally lucky demon and Melgrim and Grimmel’s side venture. Although Grimmel lost Melgrim’s phone… but that will have to wait because four friends have recently gotten temp jobs for a rich guy and need to find some cheap uniforms to suit their positions.

Grad students, the four are always on a budget, so Nelson and his girlfriend Mindy, Dan and his girlfriend Ingrid, have shown up at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle… just in time to visit the brand new Business Essentials section.

After meeting Donnie the Demon, the four already have hope the clothing will be top notch as well as low priced. If whatever costume he wears shows not a single seam, the clothing probably is really stylish and high quality.

So the four soon find themselves separating, Dan looking for a janitor jumpsuit, Nelson looking for a butler outfit, Mindy seeking out a maid’s uniform, and Ingrid trying to find the perfect secretary’s outfit.

Yet the surprisingly warm clothing comes with special little tags, bearing more than the price. These tags have titles, such as Brutal Butler, Pervy Janitor, Minxy Maid, and Sex-retary. Will trying them on truly help these four friends sink into the new temp jobs they have been hired to work… or will work be one of the last things on their mind?

It wouldn’t be Halloween with the Kreme without fresh mini-pizzas and Donnie the Demon. So come on down to his Costume Castle, slip into something comfortable, and do a lot of uncomfortably depraved things with your friends.


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