Dec 02 2020

All we want is Krismas to begin

All I Want... A Giving Boss by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want… A Giving Boss by Kris P. Kreme

Gavin has always been the quiet responsible one at the office, mostly to stay out of the cross-hairs of Natalie Hanson, a bitchy boss if there ever was one.

His fellow employees Blake and Dean are bolder, especially Dean, rarely afraid of getting bitched out over goofing off in the office. But when those two have a crazy idea of wishing Natalie a better boss on a yearly comet called the Santa Star, even Gavin may find himself taking bold actions.

Against all odds, sometimes wishes can come true, and getting screwed over at work is not necessarily always a bad thing. On the first day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to you… a bitchy boss made better and three happy employees too.


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Christmas can be a cold time of year outside, but Gavin has seen that nothing thaws the cold inside his attractive bitch of a boss Natalie. Unfortunately for him and his two fellow coworkers Blake and Dean, Gavin has discovered that for women sometimes attitude is everything in business. Natalie Hanson happens to be the youngest executive ever given her own division to run, and that opportunity likely sapped away any of her decency and kindness.

But Christmas can also be the time of changes in the hearts and minds of even the coldest individuals. Funny enough the true changes that will take place this year come from the scheming mind of Gavin’s two more boldly aggressive coworkers.

Frustrated after being berated and verbally abused as always by Natalie one day in early December, Gavin is pulled into a discussion about a certainly non-work topic… the Santa Star.

Everyone knows what it is, and it’s not actually a star, it’s a comet that returns for 25 days each December in the night sky. But as Dean brings up, there have been rumors that it grants wishes. Dean and Blake have an idea that maybe there’s even the slightest chance they can wish Natalie a better boss, but that those chances go up if Gavin also makes the wish as well, all three of them on the same night.

To Gavin it’s the most silly idea he ever heard of, the three of them not living in a fairy tale after all. But even he would like Natalie Hanson to be a little nicer around the office, so after work that night as planned with his scheming work buddies, Gavin wishes for a more giving boss. And while they had planned to make the same wish, Dean and Blake worded theirs a bit differently, Dean wishing Natalie Hanson gave ten fucks about them for a change, Blake wished she was more appreciative of the three of them.

But has the Santa Star truly made wishes come true, when Natalie pulls one of them aside to apologize for her behavior the day before… the bitch they knew never one to apologize? And just how far will Natalie go to show her three older male employees that she truly appreciates them, in ways that will definitely heat up the holidays this year?

In a year like 2020, this may have been all you wanted, readers… The 12 Days of Krismas have officially begun!


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