Dec 05 2020

Gifts from Imps are a problem

Impmas Cards by Kris P. Kreme

Impmas Cards by Kris P. Kreme

Plotting to get back their old jobs once again, the Temp Imps are back, this time Clyde and Seymour planning to show some magical kindness to strangers by way of enchanted Christmas cards.

Unfortunately imp magic is still far too strong and there’s just no diluting it by letting the cards absorb it. A family finds this out the hard way as Olivia’s good idea of instilling some Christmas spirit in her kids results in changes the entire family will have to live with.

On the second day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to readers, Impmas cards enchanted, cheerleaders, dolls, and breeders.


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The Temp Imps are back, and this time Clyde and Seymour have an all new plan to impress Santa and get back their jobs working for the jolly gift giver.

Ever since they were Santa’s personal replacement elves, working a temp job, the Temp Imps have wanted to get another chance. Their magic proved too strong, imp magic notably twisted and perverse to manipulate and manage. But Clyde has a plan that might just impress the big guy up north this year, and his plan all starts with the two imps sneaking into a convenience store.

This year Clyde plans to enhance some greeting cards with magic. As he figures it, imp magic is too strong, but watering it down by letting it soak into the paper of some random Christmas cards will tone it down just right. Despite some hesitations, Seymour goes along with Clyde on this, the two enchanting a number of generic Christmas cards with the magic of making whatever is written in them as true for the recipient as it is for the one giving it.

Unfortunately for the good intentions the Temp Imps might have, magic doesn’t get watered down soaking into paper, and imp magic is uniquely powerful and twisted for reasons the imps should know by now. Hoping that the magic of those cards will be detected by Santa and he’ll see what generous acts of Christmas kindness they both were responsible for… Clyde and Seymour might just be digging their way further from Santa’s good graces.

When Olivia, her husband Tyler, his brother George, and their two children Chase and Brooklyn enter the convenience store, none of them ever could imagine that some generic little Christmas cards will be changing each of their lives forever.

It was Olivia’s idea to instill some of the Christmas spirit in her kids, asking each of them to pick out a greeting card, to then write something kind in it, and give it to someone else. She even gets a card herself to be part of the holiday fun.

However, a mixup with cards given later at home results in Chase’s card to the best mom ever being opened by Brooklyn’s best friend Maya, and the card intended for Maya, the best cheerleader in school, given to Olivia. And it’s quite clear very quickly that Chase and Brooklyn’s mother has some cheerleader moves they never knew as Maya is suddenly obsessed with becoming a mom.

But what is happening to Brooklyn? Could it have something to do with the kind words her mother wrote, calling her their precious doll? The 12 Days of Krismas reminds readers that it’s the thought that counts… but sometimes a kind thought leaves you quite thoughtless.


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