Dec 08 2020

There’s nothing like a Krismas wish

A Krismas Miracle by Kris P. Kreme

A Krismas Miracle by Kris P. Kreme

A typical teenage boy, Tim is lucky to have a girlfriend, even if Alicia isn’t the busty sex kitten he might dream of. Still, he’s always been a good big brother, taking his little sister to see the mall Santa.

Talked into sitting on Santa’s knee after Cindy brags what a great big brother he is, Tim is told that good boys should get what they most want. Creeped out, Tim barely pays attention when told to think of whatever he wants most and it will be his.

When Alicia shows up the next morning, hot, horny, and bustier than she ever was Tim discovers miracles are real, and real fun too.


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No one would ever accuse Tim of being anything but a typical teenage guy. His eighteen year old mind has pretty much everything you might expect going on, often to the amusement and annoyance of his girlfriend Alicia who’s excited about being invited over for the holidays by Tim’s mother. But this year a greater power than anything Tim can imagine may just give him everything he ever wanted… assuming he can handle it all.

Interrupted by his mom while talking to his girlfriend, Tim is told he needs to take his little sister Cindy to the mall. Every year Cindy goes and gets to see Santa, a tradition that won’t be changed this year even though Cindy will be leaving to spend Christmas with her grandparents. And despite the complaints, the frustration, the typical teen angst, Tim has always been a good big brother so he does the right thing and takes Cindy to see Santa, or some creepy guy dressed as Santa he figures.

But when the weird guy pretending to be Santa asks Tim to come sit on his lap, explaining that little sister Cindy told him how great a big brother he was, everything is going to get a bit bizarre for Tim this Christmas. Embarrassed and wanting to get out of there, Tim plays along, mostly for the benefit of his adoring little sister. Santa tells him good boys should always get what they want for Christmas, no matter the age. So he tells Tim to think of whatever he wants most and come tomorrow morning he will have it.

Weirded out by the whole situation, Tim barely remembers what he was thinking about, his mind always a mix of sex, his girlfriend, sex, boobs, women, and more sex. After Cindy leaves, he’s ready to just forget about the whole encounter but what happens when Tim wakes up the next morning to an incessant hammering at his door?

Reluctantly getting out of bed, he’s torn between annoyance that his mom left so early to run errands and whoever is hammering at the door. But on the other side of that door is a sight he won’t soon forget… his girlfriend Alicia, there bright and early… with absolutely massive tits she never had before.

Even more bizarre, this isn’t the responsible reasonable Alicia he has always known. Besides the fact she is dressed in some Santa one piece fetish looking outfit, Alicia never had even slightly large breasts, and never such a seductive horny look in her eyes. Even crazier, all she can talk about is fucking, how much she wants Tim, how much she wants him to use her, abuse her, leave her happy and dumb.

Confused and harder than ever, Tim can’t figure it out until Alicia says she’s everything he ever wanted. And somehow he knows that a true miracle has happened… a perverted horny miracle but no less of one. His own smart and decent looking Alicia is nothing short of a sex goddess now, a hot and eager to be dumbed down toy for him to enjoy.

But is that really all he was thinking about in the moment that mall Santa clearly gave him a miraculous gift? Tim might just discover that in his random ramblings of always horny thoughts, he was thinking of more than just Alicia… like her older sister… even her milf of a mom. Can Tim handle all the action he’ll be getting, and how will he explain any of this to his mom? It might just take A Krismas Miracle to figure it all out.

The 12 Days of Krismas give readers more than they can handle, but it’s sure worth trying.


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