Dec 17 2020

It’s time to find Stuff at Krismas

More of Santa's Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

More of Santa’s Stuff by Kris P. Kreme

When Jonathan gets a call from his wife letting him know she and their home from college daughter are going shopping at a place called Santa’s Stuff, he is only happy to not have to fight the usual after work traffic as it’s right down the street from his office.

But when he goes to meet them there, he instead sees a man who apparently bought a full size sex doll in the holiday themed adult store, a doll that looks eerily like his wife Summer.

Just what does this place sell, and has Jonathan lost his wife and daughter as he knew them forever?

On the sixth day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper offered toys, a wife and daughter made quite fake, now knowing only joys.


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There’s a chill in the air outside, fitting for the season, and it only reminds him how much he is looking forward to leaving work today. Ordinarily Jonathan is the kind of man who takes all the extra hours he can, having raised a beautiful daughter, Mary, with his beautiful redheaded wife Summer. But today is a special day, because today was the day Mary came home from college for Christmas break.

Jonathan and Summer had Mary when Summer was literally Mary’s current age, so they’ve always had a close bond. He taught Mary that she could be anything she wanted in life, and she’s been far more mature and responsible than either of her parents were at her age.

It was in a wild fling, literally just meeting, that Summer the fiery redhead had Jonathan in a closet in their Biology Lab screwing nonstop. From that encounter came Mary, and everything just worked out. But an innocent mistake today, on this frigid early winter day, might change everything as Mary discovers one thing she can be no woman ever imagined… or at least no woman who never visited a certain store in a rather bad part of town.

Called while still at the office, Jonathan is told he won’t have to wait in traffic to see Mary after all. Summer has her and they are on the way to a little out of the way store they happened to see the name of while bringing her home. It’s some place called Santa’s Stuff, probably a seasonal store of some kind that happens to be just down the street from his office.

Mary always has liked Christmas, and Jonathan is only glad he won’t have to fight traffic, meeting the girls at the store when he leaves shortly, then all of them can enjoy a nice dinner somewhere. But when he mentions the store to the office intern after ending the call, a stunned stammering response explains that Santa’s Stuff isn’t an ordinary holiday store… it’s an adult store with products no wife or daughter would ever want to look at.

Even still, Jonathan is mostly amused, since he figures he’ll get there and the girls will be waiting out by their car, embarrassed looks on their faces for the innocent mistake.

Only he arrives to something much stranger, a man with a big grin walking out, clutching his purchase at his side, a purchase of a full size sex doll with strikingly similar features and hair color to his beautiful wife Summer. Looking around for the real Summer and Mary, figuring they will be in their car, he finds the car, but empty. And that is when he happens to notice something truly shocking on one ankle of the full size very clearly fake sex doll the man is carrying towards his car. It’s an ankle tattoo of a butterfly next to the name Summer… a tattoo he happens to know very well as his wife has that exact one.

And that is when the day Jonathan was waiting on becomes the day he never imagined. How could a clearly fake sex doll have identical hair color to his wife, an identical tattoo on her ankle? Could it somehow be his wife? What happened to her, and where is his daughter? The answers are all found inside a kinky sex shop where a man dressed as Santa sits atop a throne of dildos, a man with powers only his shoppers can appreciate. The question is, will Jonathan become one of those shoppers?

Be sure and get your shopping done at one of the 12 Days of Krismas’s most unique holiday shopping destinations, Santa’s Stuff.


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