Feb 16 2021

That’s really odd Candi

Valentine's Candi by Kris P. Kreme

Valentine’s Candi by Kris P. Kreme

When a mysterious bag of candy hearts with little messages on them shows up on Candice’s desk one Valentines Day, she wonders who could have possibly left it… and did they actually leave it for her?

But one glance at the words in those little messages convinces Candice this has to be a mistake, or a very bad practical joke. No one in her small office would get candies like these, disgusting insulting phrases written on little colorful candies.

Yet after eating one… and then another… will Candice start to change more than just her mind? And will a boring job become an all new pleasure?


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Candice doesn’t hate her job, but it never has been a job with any excitement or growth potential… until the one Valentine’s Day where she showed up to work and found a mystery bag of candy hearts on her desk. It won’t be another boring day in data entry when a lot more than just her position in the company starts growing.

With only two coworkers and a friendly respectful boss named Parker, Candice is at a loss over who possibly could have placed the bag of candy hearts on her desk. Just one glance at the little messages written on these particular candy hearts has the smart young woman disgusted. There are crude and depraved twisted words and phrases written on each of the colorful little candy hearts, things she hates reading almost as much as she hates not knowing who put the bag on her desk.

It’s not her coworker Madison as she has no interest in candy, always dieting and trying to get in better shape. And the youngest coworker, definitely the most attractive, Katelyn, seems to genuinely know nothing about the candy. As she puts it, someone admires Candice enough to surprise her… but Katelyn doesn’t see the phrases written on these candies.

But whatever the case, whoever left the very unwanted Valentine’s Day gift, work still has to be done… the incredibly boring work of taking data that had already at one time been entered into one system and re-entering it into another. So pushing the candy aside, Candice gets to work.

Of course a mindless task can lead to mindless mistakes, so what happens when Candice reaches over and grabs one of the candy hearts for a pick-me-up an hour into an ordinary workday? Stopping herself, she has just a moment to think… but it’s just candy right? As disgusting or crude and disrespectful as the words are, candy is candy.

Or is it?

Will snacking on candies with crude little messages on them change more than just Candice’s mind? Will it spice up her work like she never imagined? And what about her coworkers… what about their boss Parker? Does any of this have to do with a big client who plans on replacing them with a computer program to do what they get paid to do… and will any of them even remember how to do their work or is this dead-end job leading to all new pleasures?

Candice never hated her job, but that was before she became Valentine’s Candi.


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