Feb 27 2021

There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #52 - A Maid Made Thirsty & Milk’n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #52 – A Maid Made Thirsty & Milk’n Cookie by Kris P. Kreme

Remember readers, we’re still facing a pandemic, so here’s to staying healthy. One way might be to make sure you get plenty of nutritious milk to drink… but is there such thing as too much? Stephanie was just a horror fan heading to remote locales to work as a maid, but the real horror might leave her thirsty for more. And it might not be Christmas but the man Cookie meets sure isn’t Santa either… and he’ll quench his own thirst while leaving her a bit empty.

This Grab Bag includes:

A Maid made Thirsty: The town of Victoria has hidden a mystery for centuries, one locked tight within the shadows of the Dark Forest. Stephanie knows there’s more being hidden than just what goes on in that barn, mysteries such as the strangely powerful and addictive milk Vicky likes to have in her morning coffee.

Milk’n Cookie: When a girl named Cookie finds herself trapped in a living nightmare, on an elevator with some demented opposite of Santa, one by one things are taken until she has little more to give. Just who is this powerful man that clearly is more than a man and how much will he actually milk from Cookie’s formerly bitchy life?


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