Mar 20 2021

Be careful when someone asks to help with your interview

Voodoo Interview by Kris P. Kreme

Voodoo Interview by Kris P. Kreme

Sofia has an important interview, hoping to get a secretary job to boost the income she and her twin sister Sasha need to stay in the old home their grandmother left them.

But thanks to the opposite personality of Sasha and her kinky boyfriend, Sofia may be having the interview from hell as her body and soul are corrupted forever.

Blake has come to have some fun with Sasha while Sofia is gone, and for today’s date he brought a surprise, a custom voodoo doll made in Sasha’s image. How could any of them know that the doll is very real, and when he mixes up their identical red hairs inside that doll, everything done to it… will be done to both sisters simultaneously?


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Twin sisters Sasha and Sofia couldn’t be more identical, and yet they also couldn’t be more different. Living together in the old home their grandmother left them, their living situation often couldn’t be more awkward, especially when Sasha has always quite proudly been the wild twin.

Where Sofia is responsible and quiet, a virginal girl who has arranged for an interview to hopefully get a secretarial position to help the both of them afford living in the old house, Sasha is flighty and prone to imaginative slutty enjoyment, particularly with the guys she dates.

On the morning of Sofia’s interview, Sasha is getting ready for her latest boyfriend Blake to come over, dressing in her slutty best, very much the opposite of sweet little Sofia who has put on a conservative nice dress, is looking for her resumé, and trying to make sure she looks professional enough to get the job. But while giving each other a hard time, Sasha mentions that Blake said he’s bringing a kinky surprise over for their date and little does Sofia know that this particular surprise will change her life forever, bringing her and her sister closer than they ever imagined.

Shortly after Sofia is on her way to the interview downtown, Blake shows up with his special surprise… a custom made voodoo doll in the image of Sasha. They’ve always enjoyed roleplaying and Sasha especially loved letting Blake take control, so he found a shop that offered dolls like this, gave them a picture of Sasha and the owner even told him how it worked.

Naturally Blake doesn’t take it anymore seriously than Sasha does, but it certainly inspires some kinky thoughts on how to play around so Sasha is just as excited, joking about being his literal fuck doll.

But the man at the old shop was more than a little creepy, and Blake hasn’t mentioned all the explicit instructions as well as warnings he gave Blake upon providing the custom little doll. According to the man, the more manipulative the user of the doll is, the more corrupt his soul would become, and the more pleasure he took from using the doll, the more pleasure his body would be capable of. The doll was to be respected… and yet Blake and Sasha have rarely respected much of anything besides their insatiable lust.

Grabbing some hair from a hairbrush in Sasha’s bathroom, placing it carefully inside the little redheaded yarn hair doll that represents his girlfriend, Blake never could imagine that Sasha and Sofia use the same hairbrush, that he’s in fact getting a mix of both of their hair, and that this voodoo doll is in fact quite genuine and quite powerful.

When Blake comes out ready for some fun, Sasha is both shocked and turned on when she literally feels herself helplessly controlled by Blake’s adjustments to the little doll. Yet downtown at a serious and important job interview, how will Sofia react when she feels the exact same manipulation?

Encouraging her boyfriend to do whatever he wants to her, loving the literal doll for him she has become, as eager a victim as her dirty little mind always seemed destined to make her, Sasha could never imagine that the inhuman and normally impossible changes to her sexy young body as Blake squeezes the doll, stretches it, bends it, and even uses water to inflate it, are all happening simultaneously to her twin sister.

But how will Sofia react when the corrupting influence of the voodoo doll changes start to get the best of her? Can she resist becoming just as bad as her identical sister? How will the man interviewing her ultimately react when this crazy interview is finally over? Will Sofia manage to get the job or will she get a whole lot more than she ever asked for?

Blake only planned on roleplaying with his kinky girlfriend, but thanks to the madness of actual voodoo he may be playing an all new role with both his girlfriend and her sister, just as the two of them may be playing dirtier while somehow fittingly remaining identical for some time to come.


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