They’d better pick the right lane

Changing MUCH More than Lanes by Kris P. Kreme

Changing MUCH More than Lanes by Kris P. Kreme

Perverted buddies Bob and Bill were Changing More than Lanes when they had to drive the old teal bus of a van at a snail’s pace all the way to a garage out in the rural wilderness.

They passed the time as they always did, telling sordid stories about those they passed along the way. Little did they suspect that some force may be at work, perhaps from the converter leaking in the old van, a force making their stories come true.

Now at the garage waiting while the converter is repaired, Bob and Bill revisit their stories and wonder where the most reality altering leak was occurring, never knowing yet again that their stories might be getting even crazier and more extreme.


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Over 22,000 Words of Kreme!

Bob and Bill have always been the only ones who truly understood and appreciated each other, buddies through and through, and their knack for spinning incredibly perverse tales still knows no limits.

It was Bob’s old van that led to one of their most enjoyable outings in years, though it started off a bit frustrating as they both had to endure a tediously slow roadtrip across town and into the rural country towards a garage where whatever was acting up on the old van could be looked at.

Throughout the trip, the fat old perverts found themselves with plenty of inspiration to make up dirty stories about those they saw along the way. But was something supernatural happening in the old van? Were the stories Bob and Bill made up actually coming true, even if they never suspected it?

Now the old pals find themselves stuck at a rural pitstop of a place called Devon’s Garage, and while waiting for the van to be repaired they are amused by the weirdness of the mechanic and his vague explanation for what’s wrong with Bob’s old bus of a van.

Apparently the converter has been leaking, whatever that is, but in the imaginations of two proud perverts, this converter is in fact a reality converter… one that has been leaking all day on their journey to this garage.

So Bob and Bill find a bench in the afternoon shade and pass the time speculating on just where it might have been leaking the most, spilling the most mind and body altering reality from their perverse made-up tales about strangers they spotted driving slowly across town.

Did the biggest leak happen early on when they passed a field and saw a hot cheerleading coach working with her girls? It was the one with the slob of a husband who they assumed only was her husband and there with her because he had a huge dick that demanded loyalty and immediate compliance from her and the girls. Maybe more of the cheerleaders showed up and found the coach and her husband giving workouts like none of those girls had ever seen or felt before.

Could the biggest leak have actually been when they passed that ribbon cutting ceremony for the new mall, the one run by their old buddy Horace, called Horace the Horse back in school? They’d spun a tale about Horace earning his nickname not in sports but because of the massive freakish literal horse dick he possessed, and how Horace just loved all the teens waiting to shop that new mall and thanks to pheromones, they loved him too. Perhaps the new manager of the mall is checking out more of the patrons there, putting on a real show as his pheromones draw women of all ages to him and put their men in the docile weak places they belong.

Or maybe it was neither of those places where the van’s mysterious converter leaked the most. Maybe it was at that fast food restaurant in the country, the place where the food brought fast changes according to the stories the men told. It was a place where extra sauce meant something very different, where super-sizing something meant changes to the person, not the food, and perhaps as the day went on, the menu only got that much more appetizing and extreme.

Maybe there was a kid who’d always been picked on, a kid version of Bob and Bill, who just came there to hopefully stress eat away from the crowds, and yet he found himself there with a car load of the very girls who bullied him in school. But as Bob and Bill are telling the tale, this young man ordered the King Sausage, Ultra-Sized for just a dollar more, and he got what he always wanted… to be a king in all ways, and a king needs his subjects, those bitchy teen perfect princesses, taken down by their own choices of what to eat in a place where the food and drink changes everything they thought they were.

Of course all of this is just a fantasy right? It’s all just a couple of middle-aged perverts passing the time, laughing at the impossible insanity of their often extreme stories… or is it?

Maybe only Devon the mechanic knows for sure, or maybe the power isn’t so dependent on the van, but with the two occupants of that van who could still be Changing MUCH More than Lanes.


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