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Intergalactic Gas Prices by Kris P. Kreme

Intergalactic Gas Prices by Kris P. Kreme

It turns out every species in the universe deals with one common problem… gas prices. But luckily Triniglorf knows how to get past those ridiculous charges fueling stations around the galaxy want to charge.

Many years ago he made a stop on earth, discovering they had vast quantities of “fuel”, all produced by what humans call a Dairy. He left a beacon in case he ever needed this fuel again but when he arrives, the place has long since shut down.

Can Triniglorf convince the only humans nearby to help him acquire the fuel he needs… milk? And how can he get so much milk with no cows around and just one nervous college guy’s girlfriend and her mother available?


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The universe is vast, and if anyone knows about how costly travel throughout that endless space can be it’s Triniglorf. But when the mysterious alien creature decides to fight rising intergalactic gas prices by stopping by a tiny backwoods planet he has found fuel at before… not everything will go according to plans.

Living vastly longer than a human mind can comprehend, Triniglorf has been making runs in this sector of the universe for eons. But unfortunately over the last hundred years or so gas prices for his advanced interstellar craft have been getting downright outrageous.

Fortunately there’s a bit of a secret known by Triniglorf and probably a number of others looking to save on fuel costs. And that secret may just explain something humans have reported for years, experimentation and abduction of cows.

A number of decades back, Triniglorf needed refueling and stopped by a planet called earth. It was on this annoying little planet he discovered something called a Dairy where they milked and processed cows. Little could humans ever fathom that what they called milk, Triniglorf’s people called fuel. He was able to completely refuel for no cost at all thanks to the spot he put a beacon in just in case he ever was out this way again and in need of cheap gas.

Unfortunately for Triniglorf, arriving at the Dairy drains the very last of his fuel and it’s clear from the darkness and abandoned look of the place that it’s obviously no longer in operation.

Scanning the rural surroundings, the sun setting fast as evening turns to night, there are literally only three nearby lifeforms, and as disgusted as Triniglorf is by having to seek out humans, these three happen to be just that.

Tommy has been walking his girlfriend back to her house along the old country road not far from the dairy, his girlfriend Bella very special even though she’s a couple years younger than him and still in her last year of high school. When her mother, Monica, comes jogging up from her evening run, the two enjoy teasing Tommy for his obsessive manners and intimidation by his girlfriend’s mom… but all three of them may feel differently after the sudden shocking appearance of Triniglorf, his pink mental tendrils extending as he communicates with them, expressing urgent needs of refueling.

Just how does Triniglorf intend to get the massive quantities of milk his ship runs on? Can Tommy, Bella, and her mother Monica somehow help… or will they want to when they find out what that help will involve? The Plutonians spoke of what fun these human creatures could be, but until tonight Triniglorf never saw much use for them. Maybe all that will change when he discovers a whole new way of beating those outrageous Intergalactic Gas Prices.

Readers Choice Month takes you into the unknown where gas gouging is a problem for every species, and sometimes finding a creative solution for a common problem can be uncommonly enjoyable.


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