Readers don’t stay on the Bench

Benched by Kris P. Kreme

Benched by Kris P. Kreme

Usually thriving on staying busy, when Melinda Fox is forced to deal with a real headache, cleaning up a mess at her company she tried to warn them about, the only thing that might help is some fresh air in the park across the street.

How could she ever know that the recently cleaned up and renovated Johnson Park might have more than fresh air to offer, at least after she sits on an ordinary looking bench?

The park once had a reputation for prostitutes but they were all taken away, the place cleaned up. Some supernatural force may be recruiting all new talent, changing them into just what Johnson Park needs… beginning with Melinda Fox.


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Melinda Fox has always been the kind of woman to give others the business, always working, always succeeding, having worked her way up to being on the board in her company downtown. But on an otherwise ordinary break from the frustrations of the office one day, giving others the business may take on new meaning for Melinda.

An attractive woman, slender, tall, blonde, Melinda knows exactly the challenges being taken seriously as a businesswoman involves. She also knows most of the men in the company can’t see past her being a woman, even if her instincts are always right.

Having ignored Melinda’s warnings, the company got involved with a company they shouldn’t have, and of course when it comes time to clean up the mess, the rest of the board figures a pretty face can do the job. That’s what has her so annoyed she takes her lunch break to just go and get some fresh air in the downtown park across the street from her office tower.

But Johnson Park may just have something very different than fresh air in mind for a woman like Melinda Fox, especially when she happens to sit upon one of the only original park benches remaining since the park underwent a major renovation.

She’s well aware of the reputation Johnson Park once had, a place where as the crude saying went men went to park their Johnson. No less than twelve women had been rounded up and arrested for solicitation, the park having more than just a strangely organized popularity for ladies in that particular line of business.

But none of that is important now, not since they cleaned up the park, cleared out the problems, renovated and updated the entire place.

When Melinda Fox finds the old heavy park bench in a nice quiet wooded section of the park, she never suspects that merely taking a seat might change the woman who eventually stands in ways she never imagined.

Is it her, or was she dressed differently before? Is it her, or is she remembering growing up with a very different attitude about men than she recently had? And is it her, or is Melinda Fox about to find her professional career truly Benched… and a whole new enthusiasm for the oldest profession around?

Readers Choice Month reminds you to always be careful where you sit, because you might just get so turned on you can’t stand it.


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