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Developing New Interests by Kris P. Kreme

Developing New Interests by Kris P. Kreme

Amelia has always been the most intelligent girl in school, and she could have graduated early if it weren’t for her own embarrassment about never looking her age. Where other girls developed at least some curves, Amelia with her red hair pulled up can often be mistaken for a little boy.

When she researches and discovers supplements called D-velop, Amelia is sure she has found the solution to finally being a naturally curvy teenager during her upcoming senior year.

But just what was D-velop created for, and will her growing curves result in unnaturally strong desires a smart teen should never have?


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Amelia has always been one of the nicest girls anyone could ever meet, kind and genuinely sweet, universally loved by all. And yet Amelia has always had a problem that she couldn’t see past, one that mostly came from how others saw her.

Having just turned eighteen in the last month, the summer before her senior year, which should have been something she was more than excited about, Amelia is a girl most people easily mistake for a little child, and sometimes worse, a little boy.

About the only thing that seems obviously feminine in the slender flat chested Amelia is her silky red hair, but when that is pulled up for say, her daily jog, even her friendly neighbor mistakes Amelia for a young man. It’s the most frustrating frustration a woman her age could ever have, and worse, Amelia is exceptionally intelligent. She was told she could have easily graduated a year early with the advanced courses she was taking, but looking as underdeveloped as Amelia does, she definitely never even considered it.

And so one summer day, after a frustrating encounter of yet again being mistaken for a little boy, Amelia decides that she’s going to solve this problem once and for all, burying herself in her computer for what most might assume is another of her research studies.

When her best friend Connor stops by, joking about whether she’s working on the world energy crisis, Amelia excitedly shows him just what she found, a vitamin supplement that may just be the cure for her excruciatingly slow natural development.

Not sure about what he’s looking at on her computer, Connor reads a bit about something she found called D-velop, supplement pills that in addition to being loaded with Vitamin D contain special blends of over one thousand hormonal boosters that apparently work in conjunction to speed up natural physical maturity and development.

Confused and even pointing out that according to the site where Amelia found them, the supplements have been used on farm animals, Amelia is quick to dismiss her friend’s concerns. She spent hours reading up on each and every ingredient, only finding that the overall effects just may be slightly less on a human body than an animal, certainly nothing to worry about.

Suggesting she wait and ask her mom about it before trying something like this, Amelia just points out that her mother is out of town for another week, and she knows exactly what she is doing, her intelligent determination always something no one could get in the way of.

Having already ordered two bottles and paid extra for fast shipping, Connor realizes the best he can probably do is just show some support as always, but could this be the one time the smartest girl in school may have made a seriously dumb mistake?

Has Amelia been blinded by her own desires to look more shapely and sexy that she possibly missed something in her exhaustive research? Will D-velop do much more than just develop her curves like never before in remarkably short time?

Amelia was always the sweetest kindest and smartest girl, but when she finally starts shaping up to be quite the top heavy girl, will she develop all new interests that forever change the senior year she’s getting ready for? Find out when Readers Choice Month tells the tale of being too smart to avoid a happily dumb fate.


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