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SINtendo VR Vitality by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo VR Vitality by Kris P. Kreme

Kinsley is a favorite feature among the small cul-de-sac homes, at least with the husbands. When a young twenty-something moves into a neighborhood where most homes belong to married couples twice her age, that kind of attention will happen.

But just how might her popularity change after Kinsley gets a new piece of fitness equipment all the way from Japan?

VR Vitality promises to add to her already obsessive exercise regimen by blending technology with fitness, but are the poorly translated instructions and warnings so poorly translated after all, or will Kinsley working out thirty minutes instead of thirty-seconds mess with her mind and body like never before?


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In the small cul-de-sac neighborhood, Kinsley tends to stand out, a fit attractive single woman in her twenties having one of the homes where mostly older married couples live, ones old enough that they have kids her age already off on their own. But none of the men in the neighborhood are sure complaining about an exercise obsessed twenty-something girl who doesn’t mind the attention.

Whenever Kinsley goes on morning jogs, whenever she goes practically anywhere, she’s gotten used to some amusing banter between herself and Ted, man twice her age next door. He’s harmless but loves to watch her, and mostly spend time talking to her body rather than her face. Of course since Kinsley is fit and proud of it, she’s easy-going and enjoys the natural teases, never one to shy away from a little attention.

But today as she happily walks away from her mailbox, something has her much more excited than just another day of jogging or regular teasing conversation with Ted. As she tells him while he hangs out in the shade on his front porch, today she got new exercise equipment in the mail.

Back inside her small cul-de-sac home, Kinsley is as excited as a kid tearing into the package she finally received. It came all the way from Japan and was destined to be just the latest addition to her regular fitness routine.

After looking up fitness across the world, it had been no surprise to find that Japan had revolutionized fitness using technology. Supposedly VR Vitality, as it was called, had a unique method of toning and targeting certain muscle groups using virtual aided training like no other company had explored.

The translations were and even are fairly poor on VR Vitality and how and why it works so well, but Kinsley has always been determined when it came to fitness. In fact, ordering it from so far away, she hadn’t even found the best price on an actual fitness site. It had been a gaming site for fairly bizarre quirky looking games, ones she had no clue about since everything was written in Japanese. But if fitness were a game, Kinsley would definitely be a player and she is more than ready to try out VR Vitality.

The few words she had translated from the spokesmodel for the product is what had Kinsley so excited. Promising to transform her body in ways she never imagined, exercising to all new shapes and sizes, energizing to explore never before explored features… Kinsley is definitely looking forward to seeing what VR Vitality does for her.

There’s only one possible problem standing in Kinsley’s way as she wants to get her first session of VR workout going, and that’s the remarkably poor English translations on the warnings and instruction sheet.

There seems to be some warning against overuse, mentioning something about causing unjustified arouse, which makes no sense as far as she can tell. Additionally the time of use listed is impossibly useless in her opinion for any serious fitness routine, listed at just thirty-seconds.

Whatever the case, Kinsley is doing the VR Vitality workout for what she assumes is correct, a half hour, a guided workout where a virtual trainer form will lead her through weight assisted movements while wearing the VR headset… but what if the translations weren’t all that wrong at all?

What if using VR Vitality for more than thirty-seconds truly can lead to quite unexpected arousal, and what if the physical transformations to mind and body through this fitness routine truly are quite severely altering to both mind and body?

Kinsley has never backed down from a physical challenge, but she may soon find herself more challenged in pleasurably physical ways than exercise ever caused before.

SINtendo September reminds you to stay fit, and if you can’t get your exercise gaming, there are other ways to game yourself into all sorts of fit fun with VR Vitality.


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