Be wario about SINtendo VR

SINtendo Super Whorio Sisters by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Super Whorio Sisters by Kris P. Kreme

It’s the ultimate twisted take on the classic game readers have waited years for when a trouble-making brother Andrew gives the gift of gaming to twin sisters Addison and Annie.

Told the VR headsets will let them play their favorite childhood game like they never could, the girls find themselves defeating mushroom dragon enemies in very kinky ways that seem as addictive as they are corrupting of Addison and Annie’s once innocent minds and bodies.

But just how fun can SINtendo Super Whorio Sisters be to play, how big a trouble-maker will Andrew be, and will anyone in the household be able to resist upping the score?


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To say that eighteen year old Andrew just got in serious trouble would be an understatement, since Hope has never seen her husband Mark so enraged at their frequently troublemaking son. But as Mark puts it, this time he went too far. Andrew posted on a local neighborhood social media app that his sisters Addison and Annie were home from college for a month, for anyone to stop by as they were whoring their services out to any man for two dollars.

Yet as much trouble as Andrew is in, sent to his room, the package he received in the mail that morning may just turn the tables and make every word he posted nothing but the truth.

Returning from a morning shopping trip, Addison and Annie have no idea just what their brother posted or that he is in such trouble. They’ve always been the sweetest girls, and never knew their brother was jealous of them being treated so much better by their dad. And they may not find anything out because from his room across from theirs Andrew appears saying he got them a surprise… a special surprise for both of them.

It seems that as kids, there was one game series Addison and Annie absolutely loved more than any other… the Mario Brothers series, and Andrew claims that a buddy of his sent him something his sisters are absolutely going to love… VR headsets that allow them to each play together as the brothers in those games.

Addison, always the more suspicious and observant happens to notice the S on the headsets, but Andrew just says it stands for Super Mario of course… but just what kind of game is Andrew really giving his sisters to play, and will that game truly turn them into what he has for months been spreading and posting online?

What Addison and Annie never notice is Andrew texting his buddies to come over, around the back, that they are starting the game.

Sitting in their bedroom with the headsets on, Addison and Annie are both pretty excited when darkness fades, a rising sun over familiar rolling green hills with big domed mountains and little spots, a very familiar bricked castle in the distance. Music plays and a red box descends from the virtual sky overhead, but the words on that box seem to say this isn’t the game they thought it was.

Super Whorio Sisters isn’t understood by Addison and Annie but they do wonder if this is one of their notorious little brother’s ideas for a prank or something. As impressive as everything in the virtual world is, it definitely looks like the game world they remember so fondly playing.

When a disembodied voice sounds from all around them, telling them they will have to battle their way to the finish and hope that what they desperately need is in the castle at the end of each level, Addison and Annie definitely think it’s just a funny imitation of the original game and are more than ready to play.

They are then told that to defeat enemies, Addison and Annie must use their mouths, which seems confusing to both but is dismissed as a quirky way to avoid having guns or something, since the original game didn’t have guns either.

How could the unsuspecting twin sisters ever imagine that over in his room, Andrew has pulled the wireless mic away from his lips, the disembodied voice belonging to him? And he has plans for his sisters, plans his buddies who have shown up can’t wait to take part in.

Placing their money in a jar labeled Whore Money, the friends will then go over into Addison and Annie’s bedroom, and in their game, they will only appear as hideous mushroom dragon monsters with dead eyes and spotted tendrils between their tree trunk legs.

When Addison and Annie are walking along inside the game world, making their way to that castle of the first level, enemies appear, and that disembodied voice tells them they must drain the energy and stamina found in those spotted tendrils with their mouths in order to defeat them.

And that is how the sweetest most innocent coeds around unknowingly find themselves on their knees in their own bedroom sucking off each and every one of Andrew’s high school friends.

Is there something about defeating those enemies that seems so real to the girls, something that they find almost addicting, continuing the game? And will Andrew’s friends even pretend to follow his own set rules and only use his sisters’ faces?

One thing is certain, as innocent and sweet as they were before, Addison and Annie will truly become the whores their brother always called them behind their backs. The ultimate question is what will Mark do when he discovers the whorish game the girls have been playing upstairs in their room?

The ultimate SINtendo classic has arrived this SINtendo September, and a pair of sisters won’t need plumbers to check their magic pipes. They’ll be offering up those magic holes to anyone at all since they’re becoming Super Whorio Sisters.


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