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SINtendo SELF by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SELF by Kris P. Kreme

Brooke is a dedicated soon-to-be college grad ready to try out an interactive video SELF assessment game that promises to help put together an online profile for job applications.

But when she makes a mistake during an early answer to one of the silly animated host’s questions, Brooke may just change her career goals and herself in ways she never intended.

Selfo the SELF assistant takes everything more literally than Brooke intends, and her comments soon have him adjusting her mind and body in ways only possible with a twisted program like SINtendo SELF.

From starting a job to seeking one, SINtendo September has plenty of tales to get you MOO-ving in the right direction.


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Soon to graduate college student Brooke is getting ready to try something called SELF, an interactive evaluation program her college adviser told her to approach like a game. But will this game play more with her mind and body than Brooke was ever prepared for?

Living in an apartment with her mother Joyce, Brooke has always been a good student and daughter, but one thing she definitely isn’t wild about with apartment living is the fact that Jimmy the landlord can just unlock and enter whenever he likes. Told that Jimmy will be coming by shortly to adjust the heating units in the apartments before winter, Brooke wants to hurry up and get this SELF evaluation game dealt with so she can leave.

It isn’t that Jimmy is a bad guy, but he is a bit creepy and for whatever reason Brooke’s mom thinks she should give him a chance. Either way, the one danger Brooke never thinks of might just be the one that truly does her in.

Trying to dress nice, look her best, Brooke has been told the SELF evaluation game will essentially be an interactive video interview which can walk her through a series of adaptable questions, putting together a video that seamlessly will provide her an online profile for prospective employers. It’s the latest in technology and online job matching and Brooke is as determined as she has been in all her college classes.

Going into her bedroom, she sits down, opens her laptop, and starts something called SINtendo SELF. When it begins, her laptop camera is accessed and she finds herself looking right at herself. And with rather cheesy synthesizer music playing, an animated little cartoon animal figure calling itself Selfo the SELF Assistant walks out in front of her own image on screen.

Selfo will instruct her, first asking her to say her name, giving feedback to encourage Brooke throughout her SELF assessment and processing, but when she gets distracted looking at how she dressed, Brooke makes a comment that may be impossible to come back from.

Asked to say what her clothing says about the job she most qualifies for, Brooke finds herself highly critical of the checkered dress pattern she chose, simply making the comment that she looks like she should work on a dairy farm or something.

Selfo the SELF assistant takes that response to mean that a dairy farm is where Brooke most wants to work, altering all future questions to further assist her in putting together the most flawless visual profile to show she is meant for such work.

Unable to go back, or cancel this, Brooke is told she can just delete at the end when offered the opportunity to save her SELF profile, and so now she finds herself having to put up with dairy farm focused questions by Selfo, the little AI character surprisingly quirky and somewhat crude in some of his responses or words of encouragement.

But when asked what qualities make her a poor fit for work on a dairy farm, Brooke answering that she has too many brain cells may be a mistake she’ll soon be too dumb to remember making. Selfo the SELF assistant offers to help her by getting rid of those pesky brain cells. When he animatedly hops onto her shoulder, or the recorded image on screen of her shoulder, Selfo pulls out a funny looking little contraption that connects a hose to her recorded image’s left ear and suddenly SINtendo SELF is literally draining Brooke’s brain.

Will Brooke be able to recover and get through SINtendo SELF? Will she further find herself and her body changing to a uniquely wet job on a dairy farm? And will Jimmy the landlord find quite the mess to clean up when he arrives… one he’s happy to handle?

Find out as SINtendo September explores the struggles of a modern college grad trying to find her particular place in the job market… discovering the market might be more than just murky, but truly milky in the end.


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