There’s nothing like a career at SIntendo

SINergy by Kris P. Kreme

SINergy by Kris P. Kreme

Bradley Ellis is starting a tech support and coding job with the mysterious multi-national company called SINtech.

Working from home, he waits on a delivery to begin. But when that delivery is a disc he is told to immediately watch, will the lengths SINtech goes to ensuring company loyalty be realized?

Learning about company synergy, or as SINtech calls it SINergy, Bradley unexpectedly finds his energy level ramped up to extremes while cute teenage Savannah from next door loses her energy to a point of nearly being comatose.

Can unprotected sex really be the only way of restoring balance to their energy, and what will it change about the both of them in the process?


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Today is the first day of Bradley Ellis’ new job, the ultimate longshot turned dream job for a tech guy who has never put a hand to the corporate ladder, much less climbed it. And yet of all the interviews he went through, somehow this one paid off, giving him the express elevator past that corporate ladder to a six-figure salary doing tech support and coding for a company called SINtech.

Having dressed as nice as he can, especially for a work from home job, Bradley is awaiting a crucial delivery, a hand delivered item that will instruct him in his new employment. From what he could tell doing his own research, SINtech is a kind of high-tech gaming development company that exclusively works on products and software for an unnamed company out of Japan. But little else could be found out, even online, as the company went well beyond most to keep corporate espionage out of the picture.

So when a man dressed all in black with reflective silver sunglasses hand delivers a single disc, telling him to play that disc at once, Bradley is on his way to being part of the mysterious SINtech.

But somehow Bradley had expected more, instead of a disc to watch, being told he would be called upon completion of that disc with his first assignment. He’d assumed there would be contracts to sign, non-disclosure agreements, documents to ensure his secrecy given the highly secret nature of the company.

When the disc loads up, Bradley Ellis is given the exact answers to why this disc is all he received for security purposes to welcome him into the world of SINtech. Defining synergy as an interaction or cooperation of two or more to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of them separately… the silhouette of a man on a white background on his screen tells Bradley that SINtech likes to call this SINergy and says there must be trust and a cohesive bond without question.

As the white background behind the man speaking in this mysterious corporate video presentation begins swirling an assortment of colors, with flashing spots of light across the screen, Bradley isn’t sure whether he is more intimidated or unnerved. And just as he is told there is one more thing he needs to process in order to assure SINergy between he and his employers… his doorbell rings and interrupts everything.

Halfway expecting the man in black with silver sunglasses, Bradley is surprised by Savannah from next door selling subscriptions for her cheerleading squad.

And while Bradley would like to get back to the disc, knowing he needs to get started with his new job, he has always had a lot of respect and admiration for Savannah’s dedication to doing what has to be done. When she says she only needs two more subscription sales and she’ll be done, he can’t let the neighbor’s girl down, as they’ve always been the best kinds of neighbors… so Bradley runs to get his wallet.

But just what will happen when Bradley Ellis returns to find sweet young Savannah from next door seated oddly on the rug in front of the paused screen of that disc he was playing, her eyes heavy, her body seemingly unresponsive? Checking her pulse, waving a hand before her eyes, it is only clear that Savannah is alive but something clearly has happened to her. Trying to call her parents next door, they clearly aren’t home and Bradley is seriously freaking out about calling 911, since there will be all sorts of questions about what a teenage girl was doing alone in a single man’s home. He figures at worst they’d suspect him of doping her or something… and suddenly Bradley’s first day with SINtech is taking a horrible turn, or so he thinks.

Unpausing the SINtech video, one word is spoken that will forever change things in both Bradley Ellis’ personal and professional life, and that word is sex.

As the somewhat creepy silhouetted man says SINtech takes all measures with new security risks such as Bradley, and the true test of loyalty is sex. SINergy is all about two coming together for both, and it would seem the video has dramatically heightened Bradley Ellis’ energy while instantly dropping Savannah’s energy to where she is near comatose at that moment.

Only sex between them can bring balance back to their energy levels, and as the man with SINtech says, they are now permanently bound, her energy levels will drain unless regular unprotected sex is had frequently enough.

So can a man who just wanted to start a lucrative new job at a multi-national mysterious company do the unthinkable to save both his future and the very cute neighbor girl’s life?

He can if it’s all about the SINergy of work and home, and Bradley Ellis might just enjoy the work in his home this first day most of all.

SINtendo September goes corporate with corruption, but isn’t it a job you’d like to interview for too?


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