SINtendo might make you sleepy

SINtendozzz by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendozzz by Kris P. Kreme

When Olivia comes in from a pleasant walk outside to find her husband Matt still hours deep into his obsessive game playing, she’s just about had enough.

At thirty he acts like a teenager, weeks spent on this ridiculous confusing game she can’t make heads or tails out of, and so she tries to sit with him and talk, anything to get a moment of her husband’s time.

But when talking doesn’t work, will Olivia take desperate actions that ultimately change her life forever… and are those actions thanks to the very game she hates?

When a weird video game is so confusing it makes a girl sleepy and desperate, it might just be boring… or it might be SINtendozzz.


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Walking in from a pleasant day out, Olivia hears the familiar sounds of her husband Matt’s latest passion… rolling her eyes as she remembers when she used to be his only passion. But sometimes a husband just seems to get obsessed with something, and in Matt’s case it happens to be a ridiculously confusing video game he has spent far too many hours playing.

Olivia heads into the living room, watching her thirty year old husband bouncing around excitedly like a teenager with the game controller in his hands, eyes glued to the television where as far as she can tell nothing all that interesting or exciting is happening.

He slaps at the buttons but on the screen blobs of random colors melt into one another seemingly without meaning. There isn’t even a high score or any other information listed, but Matt seems to know when he is doing well or not. For two weeks it has been this way, Olivia definitely a patient wife, but not this patient for a stupid obsession like this taking all her husband’s attention and focus.

As Matt energetically jumps around, excited about reaching level nine, already moving on to the next, Olivia is more than just annoyed. She’s going to get her husband to pay attention to her one way or another, and so she sits next to him on the couch as he plays… feeling both sleepy and enraged by his silly obsession with this game. But everything she says, Matt just makes a comment like “that’s nice, honey” or “sure, whatever you want,” and clearly he is not even listening to her.

Yet Olivia remains determined, and figures if she can’t get her husband’s attention through sheer determination and pushiness in talking to him, she’ll get it by raising the stakes and saying things she never would say.

And so begins a day of gaming for Matt, but Olivia saying more and more uncharacteristically dirty things, suggesting they have sex, talking about getting bigger tits, maybe even sex with strangers… and every comment, every attempt to shake him from the apparently hypnotic sway the television has over him with that unbelievably cryptic video game fails.

Getting more and more desperate, pushing herself to new levels, Olivia is soon stripping, doing things to her body she’d never do in a brightly lit living room, determined that something will finally pull her husband’s eyes back onto her… and yet nothing seems to work as he just happily jumps about, reaching level after level in his stupid video game.

But is this game really captivating him… or could the entire point of it be to captivate her and make her do the very things she is doing out of desperation? Can a video game truly be so mind numbing it numbs someone else’s mind? Can it be so sleep inducing it puts all sanity and reason to sleep? And will Olivia ever get her husband’s attention, even when she takes her self-abusing actions to extremes… or will she find herself dozing permanently after he finally beats SINtendozzz?

SINtendo September continues with a loving tale of a husband and wife doing things together… one way or another.


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